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Jul 03, 2008
Governor Jindal Signs Bills into Law

BATON ROUGE – Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced that he has signed the following bills passed by the legislature into law:

HB 10 – Richardson
This bill establishes the Mayor's Court of the city of Central.

HB 12 – Richardson
This bill authorizes the mayor of city of Central to appoint a court magistrate.

HB 23 – Greene
This bill authorizes the court to admit to bail for a person arrested for the commission of certain offenses.

HB 32 – Richmond
This bill relates to filling a vacancy in the office of the recorder of mortgages in Orleans Parish

HB 39 – Hazel
This bill adds battery of a police officer to the list of crimes of violence.

HB 52 – Danahay
This bill relates to the use of monies in the West Calcasieu Community Center Fund.

HB 69 – Richmond
This bill relates to a court submitting its request to the Judicial Council for review and recommendation when a court is requesting the splitting of a court or the merging of a court.

HB 73 – A.  Badon
This bill creates the crime of illegally supplying a felon with ammunition.

HB 100 – Richmond
This bill authorizes sheriffs to have sales at certain courthouse annexes.

HB 110 – Champagne
This bill excludes persons convicted of armed robbery from being eligible for parole.

HB 136 – Henry
This bill relates to the destruction of records.

HB 146 – Richmond
This bill authorizes inmates to attend post-conviction relief proceedings by the use of visual remote technology.

HB 157 – Connick
This bill relates to proceedings on the 24th JDC Environmental docket.

HB 241 – Wooton
This bill creates the crime of forged insurance documents.

HB 246 – Richmond
This bill amends Louisiana Sentencing Commission provisions.

HB 280 – Wooton
This bill amends the law relating to which games may be displayed on video bingo machines.

HB 374 – Chandler
This bill relates to the qualifications of child custody mediators.

HB 388 – Greene
This bill relates to component parts of immovable property.

HB 413 – Wooton
This bill creates the crime of theft of a motor vehicle.

HB 498 – Edwards
This bill amends provisions of law relates to the venue in delinquency proceedings for certain judicial districts.

HB 530 – Richmond
This bill relates to the term of office for a judge with the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court in case of a vacancy.

HB 586 – Hardy
This bill amends witness protection provisions.

HB 605 – T. Burns
This bill relates to charitable trusts and charitable donations.

HB 613 - Tucker
This bill adjusts the per diem for housing adult inmates in parish facilities.

HB 622 - Tucker
This bill expands the responsibilities for the Louisiana Recovery Authority and reduces the LRA's Board of Directors in an effort to streamline operations.

HB 643 – Schroder
This bill relates to a cleansing period for DWI convictions.

HB 682 – Hutter
This bill amends provisions regarding identification of children taken into custody for delinquent acts.

HB 705 – Hardy
This bill amends provisions of law regarding individual access to the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information.

HB 726 – Hardy
This bill creates the crime of public display of a noose with the intent to intimidate.

HB 750 – Lambert
This bill corrects statutory references.

HB 845 – Perry
This bill increases penalties for driving without a license.

HB 867 – Baldone
This bill amends provisions of the crime of computer-aided solicitation of a minor.

HB 885 – Wooton
This bill amends provisions regarding time periods for conducting hearings regarding a driver's license suspension or revocation relates to a DWI.

HB 1007 – Cromer
This bill relates to background checks for individuals with supervisory authority over children.

HB 1040 - Abramson
This bill relates to the abatement of public nuisances.

HB 1067 – Edwards
This bill relates to the cancellation of certain mortgages and vendor's privileges.

HB 1075 – LaBruzzo
This bill relates to eligibility requirements for TOPS for students displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and changes the "Tuition Opportunity Program for Students" to the "Taylor Opportunity Program for Students."

HB 1093 – Connick
This bill authorizes a parish governing authority to place certain charges on property owners on the ad valorem tax rolls of the parish.

HB 1129 – Hazel
This bill relates to law enforcement officers under investigation.

HB 1136 – Pearson
This bill relates to parole officers searching a person on parole without a warrant.

HB 1204 – Williams
This bill relates to justice of the peace courts in Caddo Parish

HB 1243 – LaFonta
This bill provides for the crime of theft of copper from a religious building or cemetery or graveyard.

HB 1286 – Lambert
This bill relates to the jurisdiction of the trial court.

HB 1363 – Abramson
This bill provides for limitations on the issuance of bail for certain offenses and under certain circumstances.

HB 1374 – Norton
This bill prohibits the participants in a crime from posting their criminal activity on the internet.

HB 1377 – Abramson
This bill provides that a certain portion of court costs may be allocated to the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police for law enforcement education and training.

HB 1378 – Simon
This bill provides for a Silver Alert Network for locating missing senior citizens.

HB 1386 – Ponti
This bill provides for the recusation of judges in certain civil matters.

SB 26 – Alario
This bill increases supplemental pay for eligible law enforcement officers and firefighters to $500 per month.

SB 137 – Quinn
This bill prohibits text messaging by all drivers and the use of cell phones by novice drivers.

SB 159 – Cravins
This bill prohibits minors from using any wireless telecommunications device while operating a motor vehicle.

SB 342 – Erdey
This bill prohibits certain drivers from operating a motor vehicle while using a cellular telephone.

SB 410 – Hebert
This bill protects the right to lawfully possess a firearm by limiting the ability of a chief law enforcement officer to regulate firearms within a political subdivision during a declared emergency.

SB 461 – Gray
This bill relates to peremptory challenges based on race or gender.

SB 469 – Dupre
This bill relates to the sentencing of adults for certain crimes committed as a child.

SB 492 – Quinn
This bill relates to actions for the failure to exercise rights or to allow rights pursuant to a court-ordered visitation schedule.

SB 500 – Crowe
This bill provides for child internet safety.

SB 511 – Amedee
This bill provides for the fines and penalties for the crime of gambling by computer.

SB 608 – Duplessis
This bill relates to the term of office of a judge elected to fill a vacancy of the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court.

SB 625 – Murray
This bill relates to district court judges and magistrates in Orleans Parish.

SB 686 – Dupre
This bill relates to the Louisiana Military Family Assistance Board.

SB 709 – Duplessis
This bill relates to the duties of notaries to register documents involving certain immovable property in Orleans Parish.

SB 717 – Martiny
This bill relates to the testing of a person when a bill of information or indictment is brought against the person for certain sex offenses.

SB 721 – Chaisson
This bill relates to challenges to the admissibility of blood alcohol concentration test results into evidence.

SB 735 – Morrish
This bill increases the membership of the board of directors of Cameron Parish Mosquito Abatement District No. 1.

SB 801 – Nevers
This bill relates to the disclosure of property involved in manufacturing methamphetamine.

SB 802 – Gray
This bill reestablishes the Hurricane Katrina Memorial Commission.

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