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Nov 08, 2013
Gov. Jindal to Pres. Obama: Don't Bully LA on Obamacare, Man Up & Admit Your Mistake

BATON ROUGE - Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Fox News this afternoon where he blasted President Obama for coming to Louisiana and trying to bully the state into expanding Obamacare.
Watch The Full Clip Here:
Governor Bobby Jindal
Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto”
November 8th, 2013
Governor Jindal: “Nobody is going to bully Louisiana into expanding Medicaid or joining part of Obamacare.
The reality is the federal government has no business trying to run our health care system.
Quality is going to get worse, prices are going to go higher.  This is just the beginning.
They are going to continue to point fingers. They are going to blame folks who wrote the website, they are going to blame the insurance companies, they are going to blame doctors, they are going to blame.
The reality is this is just a flawed concept.  This is what happens when you trust government over the American people.
The recent turmoil shows we made the right decision in Louisiana not to try to do the exchanges, not to expand Medicaid, to say Obamacare is flawed.
We are doing different things.  In Louisiana we are building a bottom up alternative. We are doing public-private partnerships, working with the private sector to deliver better health care for our people. We don't need this top-down federal government approach.
I am hoping the pressure builds so that the Congress has no choice but to repeal this bad law.
I think this gets worse and worse for the President and for the country. It is time for him to man up, admit he made a mistake, and repeal this bad law.”
Watch The Full Clip Here: 
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