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Jul 07, 2008
Governor Jindal Signs 53 Bills into Law

BATON ROUGE – Governor Bobby Jindal announced today that he has signed the following bills passed by the legislature into law:

HB 3 – Greene
This bill authorizes the selling of state bonds.

HB 89 – Doerge 
This bill relates to the payment of interest on account balances for DROP participants in the Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System  and the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana.

HB 258 – Little
This bill prohibits closure of certain railroad grade crossings.

HB 303 – Hazel
This bill allows full salary and full benefit payments for certain reemployed retirees of the District Attorneys' Retirement System.

HB 416 – Ellington
This bill improves the procedure for issuing rebates in the Enterprise Zone and Quality Jobs programs.

HB 445 – Greene
This bill allows larger parishes more time to transfer the tax sale of properties.

HB 526 – Arnold
This bill relates to a change in the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) formula for members of the Harbor Police Retirement System.

HB 550 – Henry
This bill authorizes the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to implement the Unified Carrier Registration program in Louisiana.

HB 556 – Arnold
This bill provides greater definition relating to electrical and mechanical contractors.

HB 558 – Downs
This bill requires public entities, which advertise bids for construction of public works projects, to include an estimate of budget in the advertisement.

HB 563 – Downs
This bill relates to the bid form for bidding on public works contracts.

HB 583 – Richardson
This bill authorizes the Central Community School Board to exchange certain unused school land.

HB 601 – Arnold
This bill relates to changes regarding the eligibility for supplemental pay for police officers and firefighters.

HB 766 – Richardson
This bill allows a taxing authority to recover tax payments from a tax collector in the event that payment was made to an erroneous taxing authority.

HB 888 – Henry
This bill provides for the development and determination of expenditure limits.

HB 899 – Peterson
This bill requires that the executive budget, the state budget, and the General Appropriation Bill include tax exemption information.

HB 909 – Morrell
This bill provides for the retention of schools transferred to the jurisdiction of the Recovery School District as a result of a school district designated to be in “academic crisis.”

HB 1054 – Peterson
This bill authorizes local school boards to create public benefit corporations.

HB 1068 – Kleckley 
This bill relates to retirement eligibility for Alcohol and Tobacco Control officers. 

HB 1069 – Williams
This bill authorizes the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts to enter into cooperative agreements with certain local school systems for high school arts education.

HB 1091 - Peterson
This bill establishes a Dropout Prevention and Recovery Program for middle and high school students and requires early interventions, alternative academic programs, counseling, and exit interviews with parents upon withdrawal from school.

HB 1104 – Tucker
This bill creates the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

HB 1105 – Trahan
This bill relates to the funding of Type 2 charter schools, limits administrative fees withheld by chartering authorities, and provides for agreements between chartering authorities and charter schools for certain services.

HB 1133 – Downs
This bill provides for the circumstances under which a student is considered habitually absent or tardy and imposes penalties upon the parents or legal guardians of those students.

HB 1139 – Pope
This bill requires that operators of motor vehicles slow down to twenty-five miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit when an emergency vehicle is parked on the side of the road.

HB 1153 – Hazel
This bill prohibits wearing or possessing body armor on school property, at school-sponsored functions, or on firearm-free zones.

HB 1156 – Abramson
This bill establishes the Grants for Grads pilot program to retain college graduates by helping them to purchase their first home in Louisiana.

HB 1159 –St. Germain
This bill creates new standards for providing emergency access to elevators.

HB 1188 –Greene
This bill clarifies who is authorized to sign tax documents.

HB 1248 – Johnson
This bill authorizes the Public Service Commission to execute and implement the Federal Railroad Safety Program State Participation Agreement.

HB 1278 – Waddell
This bill authorizes the use of a TOPS Tech award to attend certain cosmetology and proprietary schools.

HB 1290 – LeBas
This bill relates to advice on pharmacy claims.

HB 1354 – Lopinto
This bill clarifies price-gouging laws relating to price changes attributable to ever-changing fluctuations in commodity markets.

HB 1367 – Hardy
This bill prohibits passing a vehicle in a school zone during posted hours.

SB 116 – Martiny
This bill renames a certain portion of the West Bank Expressway as the Harry Lee Expressway.

SB 180 – Michot
This bill transfers the Council for Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) to the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

SB 312 - Mount
This bill provides for requirements for water fluoridation.

SB 329 – Adley
This bill relates to setting up procedures to promote uniformity in local sales and use tax determination. 

SB 332 - Thompson
This bill creates the Health Care Information Technology and Infrastructure Advisory Committee.

SB 333 – Quinn
This bill relates to withdrawal notices being placed next to precinct registers.

SB 405 – Broome
This bill establishes the Louisiana Financial Literacy and Education Commission.

SB 447 – Cassidy 
This bill permits local school systems and charter school authorizers to enter into cooperative agreements to allow students to enroll in any public school within the parish.

SB 465 – Walsworth
This bill requires that the driver education programs approved by BESE be developed in consultation with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

SB 499 – Crowe
This bill relates to the definition of a lobbyist.

SB 549 – Cassidy
This bill requires that students be afforded the opportunity to study certain critical languages as defined by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education.

SB 559 – Marionneaux
This bill requires compliance with audit requirements to receive appropriated funds.

SB 582 – Nevers  
This bill requires the establishment and implementation of a program of early identification and intervention for schools that are at risk of failing.

SB 592 – Riser
This bill relates to private farm rail road crossings.

SB 701 – Mount
This bill provides for integrated case management through the use of the ‘No Wrong Door’ health care intiative. 

SB 719 – Nevers
This bill provides for the implementation of a pilot program for early screening and intervention services for elementary school children with characteristics of dyslexia.

SB 722 – Smith
The bill sets timelines for municipal and parish zoning and advance notice of actions regarding military installations.

SB 758 - Broome
This bill relates to intrafamily adoptions.

SB 812 – Jackson
This bill relates to the Children’s Cabinet.

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