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May 02, 2013

Governor Jindal’s School Choice Scholarship Program
Yesterday, Governor Jindal Announced That 8,000 Students Received Scholarship Offers For The Next School Year, 3,000 More Than The Previous Year:

Monroe News-Star: “The 2013-14 School Year Will Bring Increased Opportunities For Students From Failing Schools In … Louisiana To Attend A Nonpublic School As Part Of The Louisiana Scholarship Program.”

Parent Felesha Augustus: “Evidently, There Is More Parents Out There That Feel The Same Way I Do. They Want A Better Education For Their Kids, They Want To Be Able To Make The Choice On Where They Send Their Children.”

Shreveport Times: “With More Interest From Students And Parents, The Department Of Education Announced A Second Round Of The Application Process.”

State Superintendent Of Education John White: “The Scholarship Program Is About Helping Students Improve, And White Said He Was ‘Frankly Baffled As To Why Someone Would Stand In The Way Of That.’”

Parents And Educators Support The Program:

Parent Felesha Augustus: “It Means So Much To Me To Where It Makes Me Emotional. It Makes Me Want To Cry For Not Sad But For Happiness, Just To Say ‘Thank You God’ For This Voucher Program.” 
  • Parent Felesha Augustus: “It means the world, because with the voucher program, I have the opportunity to send him [her son] to a better school, he is able to get a better education.”
  • Parent Felesha Augustus: “Some people feel like it is about something else, it is about the money, it is about the teachers, but for me, it is about my child.  So, if I am not going to fight for my child then who is going to fight for him?” 
Parent Lashaunda Pierre: “Receiving The [Acceptance] Letter Yesterday Was, It Put A Big Smile On My Face. I Was Happy To See That.”
  • Parent Lashaunda Pierre: “She [her daughter] wouldn't have been able to go here [Jehovah-Jireh Christian Academy] without the program.”
  • Parent Lashaunda Pierre: “The excitement that she has about reading, I know that's something she has definitely gained from here.”
Parent Valerie Evans: “… Said The Program Had Been An Answer To Her Prayers. ‘My Son Was Able To Leave A Failing School And Enter A Great School.”
  • Parent Valerie Evans: “The education that Gabriel will receive and every other child in this scholarship program will receive is the best possible love that we can give them.”
Watch Video Here:

Evangel Christian Academy Head Of School Jerry Erickson: “You Have To Meet The Children We’ve Met Through This Program And The Families. Lives Are Changed.”

Erickson: “We are thrilled to be able to work with the state to provide a quality education for our students.” State Police Emergency Information Louisiana Economic Development Fight Fraud Hotline Get A Game Plan