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May 06, 2013

Gov. Jindal: “If You’re Sending More Money To The Government Than You Were Before…That’s A Tax Increase”
BATON ROUGE – Legislators pushing a secret plan to increase taxes on Louisiana families and businesses are attempting to claim that their goal to raise revenue for state government is not a tax increase. At a press conference today, Governor Jindal responded and said that if a business or a family is paying more money to state government than they were before, that’s a tax increase.

Below is an excerpt from Governor Jindal’s remarks:

“Look, I’ll go back to what I said before. I’m not a lawyer, I’m not an accountant, I’m not a legislator, its real simple to me. If you’re sending more money to the government than you were before, cause they changed the law, that’s a tax increase.  

“They can hide behind whatever they want; this is a tax increase. They can use whatever obfuscation; they can use whatever labels, use whatever terms they want. The people of Louisiana are smart enough to know that’s a tax increase, and you’ve heard that from industry after industry. When they look at their bottom lines when it comes to investing here, they know that’s a tax increase.

“You know as well as we’re doing here economically, too many families are struggling to pay their bills, too many families still need good-paying jobs, too many businesses are still struggling to make that bottom line work. 

“They know if they have to send more money to Baton Rouge, that’s a tax increase. They can call it whatever they want, it’s a tax increase. 

“It takes a two-thirds vote for a reason; that’s a tax increase, and our focus needs to be on growing the private sector economy, not the government economy. This is a mistake, and so again, I don’t care what terms they use to hide behind, this is a tax increase plain and simple.

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