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Jun 20, 2013
Governor Jindal Signs Bills Into Law

BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor Bobby Jindal announced he has signed bills passed by the Legislature into law, bringing the total number of bills signed for the 2013 Regular Legislative Session to 399.


HB 65 by Rep. Johnson: Relates to the La. State Employees' Retirement System.

HB 92 by Rep. Burrell: Relates to the executive budget and appropriation bills.

HB 116 by Rep. Hoffmann: Relates to elementary and secondary schools.

HB 122 by Rep Thibaut: Relates to Assessors.

HB 174 by Rep. Arnold: Relates to Clerks of Court.

HB 188 by Rep. Ponti: Relates to precious metals.

HB 277 by Rep. Lambert: Relates to the possession and transfer of certain firearms.

HB 295 by Rep. Johnson: Relates to the Mayor's Court for the Town of Mansura.

HB 341by Rep. T. Burns: Relates to the Louisiana Election Code.

HB 352 by Rep. Harrison: Relates to Elderly Affairs.

HB 358 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to the sound recording investor tax credit.

HB 380 by Rep. Lambert: Relates to commercial motor vehicle drivers.

HB 422 by Rep. Talbot: Relates to the unified economic development budget report.

HB 424 by Rep. Lopinto: Relates to operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

HB 580 by Rep. Greene: Relates to the state uniform construction code.

HB 589 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to the Code of Civil Procedure.

HB 617 by Rep. Ortego: Relates to the Louisiana National Honor Guard.

HB 618 by Rep. Leopold: Relates to public school educational diagnosticians. 

HB 636 by Rep. Danahay: Relates to the Oil Spill Contingency Fund.

HB 665 by Rep. Barras: Relates to absentee and early voting.

HB 682 by Rep. Hollis: Relates to coins and bullion.

HB 691 by Rep. Fannin: Appropriates funds for the expenses of the Louisiana Judiciary for Fiscal Year 2013-2014.

HB 692 by Rep. Fannin: Provides for revenue sharing distribution for Fiscal Year 2013-2014.


SB 18 by Sen. Ward: Relates to public health and preparing of food products.

SB 63 by Sen. Mills: Relates to Assessors.

SB 66 by Sen. Amedee: Relates to the Clerk of Court's office in St. James Parish.

SB 153 by Sen. Murray: Relates to compensation for state employees.

SB 188 by Sen. Martiny: Relates to Judges.

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