Updated 5/2/16, 10 a.m.


SB 324 – Senator J.P. Morrell

  • Creates the Raise the Age Louisiana Act of 2016, to ensure that the state holds children accountable for violations of law in age-appropriate settings by including 17-year-olds in Louisiana’s juvenile justice system. Further creates the Louisiana Juvenile Jurisdiction Planning and Implementation Council.


HB 475 – Representative Frank Hoffman

  • Reorganizes the Department of Children and Family Services, to ensure the effective delivery of services to children and families of this state.



SB 254 – Senator J.P. Morrell, and
HB 397 – Representatives Helena Moreno, Kenny Cox and Marcus Hunter

  • Provides that the Louisiana Equal Pay Act be applicable to men and private employers and requires government contractors to verify equal pay practices. (8/1/16)


HB 387 – Representative Katrina Jackson

  • Provides for the re-creation of the Equal Pay Commission within the La. Workforce Commission.


HB 878 Representative Joseph Bouie

  • Requires that any contractor who enters into a contract with a public entity comply with the Louisiana Equal Pay for Women Act.



SB 376 – Senator Yvonne Colomb

  • Creates the Louisiana Family Caregiver Act, allowing a patient to designate a caregiver to whom a hospital may give medical and discharge information on the patient, as well as after-care instructions for when the patient is discharged to go home. 


HB 606 – Representative Frank Hoffman

  • Prohibits entities that perform abortions from receiving public funding for any purpose.



SB 79 – Senator Dan Morrish, and
SB 174 – Senator Jack Donahue, and
HB 390 – Representative Nancy Landry

  • Fixes TOPS award amounts at the 2016-17 academic year level unless the legislature, by law, increases the award amounts.


SB 470 – Senator Dan Morrish

  • Requires that all TOPS awards be reduced by an equal percentage on a pro rata basis in the event that TOPS is not fully funded.


HB 906 – Representative James Armes

  • Creates the “Success for Homeless and Foster Youth in Higher Education Act,” providing for a post-secondary institution to develop a liaison, and potentially housing or residency-status plans, for students who are homeless youth under the age of 25 or who were foster children under the care of DCFS prior to their 18th birthday.



SB 170 – Senator Dan Morrish

  • Prohibits BESE from overriding the decision of a local school board to deny a charter school and granting a Type 2 charter in an “A” or “B” district. In “C”, “D”, or “F” districts, BESE will prepare and publish on its website an academic and fiscal needs assessment relative to the proposed charter school and provide for other matters.


SB 260 – Senator Dan Morrish, and
HB 98 – Representative Pat Smith

  • Removes the authority of BESE to certify groups as local charter authorizers of Type 1B charter schools, thus limiting the establishment of charter schools to a local school board or BESE.


SB 262 – Senator Dan Morrish

  • Provides for a one year delay of accountability during the implementation of revised academic standards adopted by BESE.


SB 279 – Senator Wesley Bishop, and
SB 477  – Senator Gerald Boudreaux, and
HB 723 – Representatives Ed Price and Jeff Hall

  • Addresses use of student growth data in teacher performance evaluations, codifies BESE policy in this area.


SB 361 – Senator Dan Morrish, and
HB 550 – Representative Patrick Jefferson

  • Limits eligibility for vouchers to students who are attend a “D” or “F” school or who are entering kindergarten and meet one of the following criteria: 
    • The student is zoned to attend a “D” or “F” school
    • The student is the sibling of a student already receiving a voucher.
    • The student is enrolled in the Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development program at the school in which he is entering kindergarten.


SB 420 – Senator Francis Thompson

  • Creates a Farm to School Program that will link Louisiana schools to farmers so that schools can buy fresh, locally-grown food for school meals and snacks, promote healthy eating habits for students, and link students to what farming means to Louisiana through farm visits, school gardening programs and cooking demonstrations at school.


HB 879 Representative Joseph Bouie

  • Prohibits a charter school from contracting with a for-profit entity to manage or operate a charter school. The restriction would apply prospectively to any new contracts or renewals or extensions of an existing contract entered into on or after July 1, 2016. 



SB 269 – Senator Karen Carter Peterson, and
HB 370 – Representative Joseph Bouie

  • Establishes a state minimum wage at $8.00 per hour beginning January 1, 2017 and $8.50 per hour beginning January 1, 2018.



SB 227 – Senator Yvonne Colomb, and
HB 702 – Representatives Jimmy Harris and Terry Landry

  • Requires the Department of Public Safety to provide for the option of issuing driver’s licenses and special identification cards that are compliant with the standard of the REAL ID Act of 2005.