Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law:

ACT 316 – SB 6: Provides for quorum requirements for the Office of Group Benefits Policy and Planning Board.

ACT 317 – SB 12: Re-creates the Department of the Treasury and its agencies.

ACT 318 – SB 30: Extends the Tax Free Shopping Program set to terminate on July 1, 2017.

ACT 319 – SB 35: Provides exemptions from arrest and prosecution to persons lawfully in possession of medical marijuana.

ACT 320 – SB 101: Authorizes issuance of a military honor license plate with an identical number for a motorcycle and boat trailer.

ACT 321 – SB 106: Requires public postsecondary institutions to address the prevention of unplanned pregnancies among unmarried college students as a part of freshmen orientation.

ACT 322 – SB 114: Provides for free broadband Internet at public airports.

ACT 323 – SB 178: Establishes termination dates for certain tax credits and incentive programs administered by the Department of Economic Development.

ACT 324 – SB 239: Provides with respect to for the "Animal Friendly" and "Krewe of NYX" prestige license plates.

ACT 325 – SB 243: Provides relative to the tax credit for conversion of alternative fuel vehicles.

ACT 326 – SB 250: Provides for the boundaries and governance of the Opelousas Downtown Development District and authorizes the district to create economic development districts.

ACT 327 – SB 256: Provides relative to produce safety.

ACT 328 – SB 257: Provides relative to the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors.

ACT 329 – HB 49: To provide for the Mineral and Energy Operation Fund

ACT 330 – HB 56: Provides relative to the West Ascension Parish Hospital Service District

ACT 331 – HB 73: Provides for the use of fees collected by the marshal of the city of Hammond

ACT 332 – HB 93: Authorizes an immediate family member of a qualified law enforcement officer to purchase his duty firearm upon death

ACT 333 – HB 224: Dedicates state sales and use taxes levied on hotel rooms in residences in Orleans Parish into the New Orleans Quality of Life Fund

ACT 334 – HB 241: Expands requirements within driver education and prelicensing training courses

ACT 335 – HB 243: Changes "school bus driver" to "school bus operator" in Title 17

ACT 336 – HB 300: Provides relative to the amount of the research and development tax credit and authorizes transferability of the credit under certain circumstances 

ACT 337 – HB 309:  Provides relative to rights of victims of criminal offenses

ACT 338 – HB 313:  Authorizes eligibility for the inventory tax credit for certain property held by persons engaged in the short term rental of such items

ACT 339 – HB 319: Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 1 as the "Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway"

ACT 340 – HB 396:  Provides for the effectiveness and applicability of the state sales and use tax exclusion for sales of gold, silver, or numismatic coins, and platinum, gold, or silver bullion

ACT 341 – HB 412: Authorizes the possession and application of sunscreen at public schools

ACT 342 – HB 427: Provides relative to the tax credit for certain medical providers 

ACT 343 – HB 437: Authorizes an alternative method of instruction for the classroom portion of approved prelicensing training courses

ACT 344 – HB 446: Provides relative to confidentiality of certain taxpayer information

ACT 345 – HB 454:  Extends the sunset and provides for the amount of the Angel Investor Tax Credit

ACT 346 – HB 460:  Authorizes the state fire marshal to purchase a specified group insurance policy for the benefit of certain volunteer members of fire companies

ACT 347 – HB 470: Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in St. Tammany Parish

ACT 348 – HB 486: Provides relative to the state central registry for child abuse and neglect

ACT 349 – HB 492: Provides for an independent claims review process within the Medicaid managed care program 

ACT 350 – HB 495:  Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Bossier Parish

ACT 351 – HB 531: Prohibits the use of tobacco products on school property

ACT 352 – HB 555: Provides relative to the corporate income tax deduction for certain dividend income

ACT 353 – HB 584: Creates a special fund for the purpose of funding early childhood education in Louisiana

ACT 354 – HB 589: Authorizes the governing authorities of municipalities to regulate the accumulation of waste tires on residential property

ACT 355 – HB 590: Provides for a review of and recommendation on certain dedicated funds

ACT 356 – HB 596: Provides relative to the contracting authority of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

ACT 357 – HB 618: Authorizes the Coastal Protection and Restoration Financing Corporation to finance payments from the RESTORE Act and Natural Resources Damages Act

ACT 358 – HB 639: Excludes compensation earned by certain out-of-state employees and nonresident businesses for disaster or emergency-related work performed during disaster periods from state income tax

ACT 359 – HB 678: Provides relative to prenatal neglect and reporting thereof

ACT 360 – HB 691: Provides relative to the Statewide Flood-Control Program

ACT 361 – SB 232: Provides relative to funds and state funds.

ACT 362 – HB 506: Provides relative to juvenile records and proceedings

ACT 363 – HB 560: Provides with respect to legislative continuance

ACT 364 – HB 616: Provides relative to time requirements and responsibilities of public school governing authorities with regard to student assessments