Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards released the first video in a series entitled “Louisiana: On the Right Track.” The series discusses the great things happening across the state in various areas including business, jobs, education, employment, and children and family services.

“We're telling a much different story about Louisiana than we were just two years ago.  We are on the path to prosperity and opportunity that we haven’t seen in many years,” said Gov. Edwards. “We were facing some very serious problems when I first came into office, including a historic budget that was threatening everything from education to health care. Today, Louisiana is finally on the right track. New businesses are locating here, our people are working and bringing home bigger paychecks, funding for our colleges and universities has been stabilized, more Louisianans have access to quality health care than ever before and the list goes on.  I’m especially proud of the leadership at our state agencies and their teams that work hard every single day delivering the services so many of our people rely on. We have more work to do, but we have made great progress despite facing tremendous challenges, and there is no doubt that we are building a stronger Louisiana.”


A new video will be released each week featuring each of the state agencies.