Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 564 – SB 325 Provides relative to abortion clinics and services.

ACT 565 – SB 414 Provides relative to emergency medical services transporting patients to alternative destinations.

ACT 566 – SB 94 Provides that public entities are liable for interest due for failure to pay progressive stage or final payments on public contracts under certain conditions.

ACT 567 – SB 138 Provides for out-of-state automobile insurance coverage.

ACT 568 – SB 405 Provides for the acquisition of blighted property in certain municipalities.

ACT 569 – SB 426 Provides relative to the Consolidated Local Government Public Finance Act.

ACT 570 – SB 427 Transfers the responsibilities of the Atchafalaya Basin Research and Promotion Board and the Atchafalaya Basin Program from within the Department of Natural Resources to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

ACT 571 – SB 442 Requires companies who sell DNA testing kits to inform a purchaser of certain information.

ACT 572 – SB 445 Provides relative to reports required of the executive branch by statute or resolution.

ACT 573 – SB 458 Prohibits medical treatment furlough to any offender serving a sentence for a conviction of first degree murder.

ACT 574 – SB 511 Provides relative to tax sales and post-sale notice.

ACT 575 – SB 525 Provides relative to the transfer of purse funds from one horse racing facility to another.

ACT 576 – SB 54 Creates the crime of negligent arson.

ACT 577 – SB 202 Provides relative to the Nurse Licensure Compact.

ACT 578 – SB 264 Requires public safety telecommunicators who provide dispatch for emergency medical conditions be trained in the delivery of telephone CPR.

ACT 579 – SB 282 Provides relative to prescription drug pricing.

ACT 580 – SB 556  Provides relative to information and access to breast reconstructive surgery.

ACT 581 – SB 561 Creates the Empowering Families to Live Well Louisiana Act.

ACT 582 – SB 564 Provides relative to behavioral health services providers.

ACT 583 – HB 256 Creates the TOPS Income Fund.

ACT 584 – HB 692 Makes revisions to the Louisiana Election Code.

ACT 585 – HB 754 Provides relative to certain veteran-owned small entrepreneurships.

ACT 586 – HB 771 Provides for payment of unfunded accrued liability by an employer participating in the Municipal Police Employees' Retirement System.

ACT 587 – HB 804  Provides relative to leases and subleases of land and buildings owned by a port, harbor, or terminal district.

ACT 588 – HB 810 Provides relative to the members of the board of commissioners of certain hospital service districts.

ACT 589 – HB 820 Provides relative to the practice of chiropractic.

ACT 590 – HB 846 Provides relative to water system testing at certain businesses which apply for or hold retail food permits.

ACT 591 – HB 893 Provides with respect to the development of appraisals and assessments of public service properties by the La. Tax Commission.

ACT 592 – HB 522 Provides relative to motor vehicle service contracts.

ACT 593 – HB 753 Provides for licensure of genetic counselors.

ACT 594 – HB 844 Provides relative to the indemnification of clerks of court and their employees.

ACT 595 – HB 37 Provides for benefits for certain members of the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System totally and permanently disabled in the line of duty by an intentional act of violence.

ACT 596 – HB 281 Authorizes nursing home residents or their qualified surrogates to have monitoring devices installed in those residents' rooms.

ACT 597 – HB 436 Provides relative to the regulation of pharmacy benefit managers.

ACT 598 – HB 653 Provides relative to conveyance devices.

ACT 599 – HB 778 Provides relative to investigations of physicians conducted by the La. State Board of Medical Examiners.

ACT 600 – SB 465 Provides relative to student discipline.

ACT 601 – SB 476 Increases the salary of the marshal of the City Court of Natchitoches.

ACT 602 – SB 477 Provides for electronic prescribing of noncontrolled legend drugs.

ACT 603 – SB 480 Provides with respect to the Office of Group Benefits.

ACT 604 – SB 495 Provides relative to parole eligibility.

ACT 605 – SB 500 Provides relative to group insurance expenses for certain clerks of court.

ACT 606 – SB 508 Provides relative to the direct shipment of wine.

ACT 607 – SB 537 Provides relative to placements minor's funds from a judgment or settlement.

ACT 608 – SB 542 Authorizes the levy, collection, and distribution of an additional hotel and motel tax of one percent by the Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau.

ACT 609 – SB 544 Authorizes certain parish tourism commissions to levy a hotel occupancy tax and overnight campsite parking tax to be distributed pursuant a cooperative endeavor agreement with the economic development authority.

ACT 610 – SB 559 Authorizes public institutions of higher education, when licensed, to conduct raffles.

ACT 611 – SB 560 Creates and provides for the Dairy Stabilization Study Commission.

Gov. Edwards vetoed the following Bills:

HB 229, 321 and 345 – Would interfere with operations of the executive branch and violate Article II. Sec 2 of the Louisiana Constitution.

HB 870 – By request of the Louisiana International Deep Water Gulf Transfer Terminal due to an unintended change in the bill.

HB 900 – Program would not take effect until a constitutional amendment was voted on by Louisiana voters, which cannot happen until 2019 at the earliest. Many of the details of how the Louisiana Capital Outlay Revolving Loan Bank would operate and its impact on state agencies are yet to be worked out.