From the OFFICE of the GOVERNOR

December 13, 2017

Governor’s Office Responds to Sen. Kennedy Comments

Baton Rouge - Today, the Governor’s Office released the following response to recent comments from Sen. John Kennedy:

“Sen. Kennedy is not one to pass up an opportunity to get a headline. We welcome any interest in making government more transparent and strive to protect and honor the taxpayers. However, it is worth noting that Sen. Kennedy was treasurer under Gov. Jindal for 8 years when this agreement was put into place, but said absolutely nothing. This indicates that he’s not interested in protecting taxpayers, but rather playing politics as usual. With so much going on in Congress, like the reauthorization of CHIP that expired under his watch, you’d think he’d be focused on his own job. Our administration will follow the law, and we’ll await the final audit report.”

(Attributed to Richard Carbo)


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