The Cedric Richmond Scholarship Application

This is the application for the scholarship administered through the Governor’s Council of on the Success of Black Men and Boys. Please complete the application as it pertains to you. Your application will be disqualified if the application is incomplete or if any of the applicable items listed below are not included.

Personal Information
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Personal Financial Information

Please list last year’s income for yourself as an applicant. If you are claimed as a dependent, please list that person’s income.

Academic Information
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(Name & Address)
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Academic Financial Information

General Information

(If you are not a Freshman, please check your classification.)

College/University that you attended this Semester


Once your initial application information is submitted, you will be able to upload your supporting files on the next page. All files should be saved as a PDF before submission.

By clicking submit you certify that the information contained in this application is correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge.