Today, First Lady Donna Edwards introduced a new website highlighting the history and beauty of the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion.
“Living in the Governor’s Mansion is a delight and the governor and I want to share its history and beauty with other Louisianans and visitors,” said First Lady Donna Edwards. “It is the people’s home and we want to make it a home we can all be proud of, one that represents our unique culture, rich heritage and resilient spirit. As an educator, my hope is that teachers and students around the state will use this website in their classrooms. Even if they can’t be here in person they can still visit, but hopefully everyone will take some time to come see it. Until then, virtual tours are available to help keep up with all of the activities at the mansion. It’s a wonderful place to live and visit.”
In addition to exploring the mansion, the website showcases a wide range of artwork by Louisiana artists, which is displayed throughout the year. You can learn interesting facts, find out about the many special events that take place at the mansion and play fun activities in the Fun Zone. While there, you can learn the fascinating history behind the mural in the entrance of the mansion and take the “Mural Search” as well as keep up with the mansion chickens through the “Scoop on the Coop.”  
Tours are available and encouraged. Schedule a visit and come experience Louisiana’s southern charm and heritage. There is also an opportunity to get involved with maintaining the mansion through the Mansion Foundation which was started by former First Lady Alice Foster to maintain the beauty of the mansion, and First Lady Donna Edwards is committed to continuing that effort.  
Click here to visit the website: