Gov. John Bel Edwards has sent a letter to over 50 of the state’s professional licensing boards within the executive department urging them to review and implement current Louisiana law as it relates to easing the burden on military families with spouses seeking a professional license in Louisiana upon relocating. 

“Many people fail to remember that service members are not the only ones making sacrifices to serve our country, but the spouses and children of military families give up a great deal when their loved ones are called to serve at a new station far away from the place they call home,” said Gov. Edwards. “Relocating somewhere entirely unfamiliar often means finding new jobs, new schools and months of adjustment to life in a new place. We see it as our duty to support and assist those families when their service brings them to Louisiana because, for no matter how long, they are Louisianans.”

The governor is asking that professional licensing boards make a concerted effort to fully utilize legal provisions that, in many cases, allow the boards to issue a license, certification or registration to military spouses granting them the ability to lawfully practice their profession in the state of Louisiana.

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