Gov. John Bel Edwards has proclaimed May 14-18, 2018 as "Infrastructure Week" in the State of Louisiana in order to highlight infrastructure investment needs and to recognize leadership at the federal, state and local levels related to advancing much-needed infrastructure projects throughout Louisiana.

“Infrastructure is one of the highest priorities in my administration, and I am proud of the progress we’ve been able to make over the last two and a half years,” Gov. Edwards said. “If we want to sustain our economy, we need a transportation system that can support industry needs. It is vital that all levels of government, from town councils to the federal government, work together to repair our state’s crumbling infrastructure. Through Infrastructure Week, I hope to bring awareness to the infrastructure investment needs in this state and to take the next steps in ensuring quality infrastructure in Louisiana for generations to come.”

Louisiana Infrastructure Week coincides with the National Infrastructure Week, a national advocacy and educational event. Across the country, hundreds of businesses, labor organizations, elected officials and others will come together spread the message about why it is #TimeToBuild. Gov. Edwards is joining these organizations in stressing the importance of infrastructure in Louisiana and how a reliable transportation system affects the state’s residents and visitors.

“Louisiana’s infrastructure needs to be maintained and expanded,” said Department of Transportation and Development Secretary Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D. “Our recent challenges with transportation funding continue, but we won’t give up the fight. We’ll continue using innovative funding means to give our state the state-of-the-art infrastructure it deserves.”

“During Infrastructure Week, we bring together the public and private sectors to encourage lawmakers to highlight innovation and leadership, think long-term, and invest in infrastructure at the federal, state and local level,” said Zach Schafer, director of National Infrastructure Week. “The dire state of America’s infrastructure is one of the most pressing issues facing us as a nation, and the benefits of a stronger, better infrastructure system will be far-reaching and long-lasting.”

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