Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 21 – HB 147 Provides for the filiation of a child

ACT 22 ­– SB 19 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Housing Authority of the City of Lafayette.

ACT 23 – SB 26 Authorizes disposal of certain controlled substances by hospice providers.

ACT 24 – SB 63 Re-creates the Department of Economic Development.

ACT 25 – SB 82 Re-creates the Department of Environmental Quality.

ACT 26 – SB 83 Provides relative to qualifications of the chief of police for the town of Gueydan.

ACT 27 – SB 85 Authorizes an insured to opt in to receive a claim payment by electronic transfer.

ACT 28 – SB 90 Provides relative to a voluntary nonopioid directive form.  

ACT 30 – SB 128 Authorizes the governing authority of Acadia Parish to employ its own attorneys to represent it generally.

ACT 31 – SB 131 Provides relative to licensing requirements for pharmacists.

ACT 32 – SB 134 Provides relative to prescriptions for controlled dangerous substances.

ACT 33 – SB 157  Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Ascension Parish.

ACT 34 – SB 172 Authorizes the governing authority of the city of Scott to levy an additional one percent sales tax, subject to voter approval.

ACT 35 – SB 210 Provides for the transfer of certain state property in Webster Parish.

ACT 36 – SB 214 Provides relative to the disposition of unused books in the Livingston Parish Library.

ACT 37 – SB 249 Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in St. Mary Parish.

ACT 38 – SB 275 Authorizes individuals to indicate that part of their refund go to the La. Coalition Against Domestic Violence for education of women who are victims of domestic violence.

ACT 40 – SB 327 Provides possession limits of certain species of fish caught in saltwater areas of the state.

ACT 41– HB 4 Extends the additional saltwater fishing fee dedicated to the LACREEL program.

ACT 42 – HB 27 Provides for computation of a supplemental benefit for reemployed retirees of the Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Louisiana. 

ACT 43 – HB 30 Provides for the definitions of minor child and disability relative to the Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Louisiana.

ACT 44 – HB 31 Provides for the benefit payable to retired member of the Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Louisiana upon death of beneficiary.

ACT 45 – HB 34 Provides relative to the use of terror-free index funds by the state and statewide retirement systems.

ACT 46 – HB 48 Names the baseball operational center at Southern University in Baton Rouge in honor of Roger Cador.

ACT 47 – HB 49 Authorizes coastal restoration and protection projects as compensatory wetlands mitigation.

ACT 48 – HB 67 Authorizes DeSoto Parish Fire Protection District No. 2 to levy certain service charges.

ACT 50 – HB 68 Provides for the membership of the LaSalle Economic Development District board of commissioners

ACT 51 – HB 72  Provides relative to the classified fire service in the city of Houma.

ACT 52 – HB 77 Provides relative to the board of commissioners of Vermilion Parish Hospital Service District No. 2.

ACT 53 – HB 87 Provides relative to the definition of institution of postsecondary education for purposes of the La. Student Tuition Assistance and Revenue Trust (START) Program.

ACT 54 – HB 93 Provides relative to the Lake Bullard Neighborhood Improvement District in Orleans Parish

ACT 55 – HB 102 Provides for the transfer of certain witness fee surplus funds within Lafourche Parish

ACT 56 – HB 103  Provides relative to the compensation of the commissioners of the Evangeline Parish Waterworks District No. 1

ACT 57 – HB 104  Increases the ceiling on penalties for pipeline safety violations

ACT 58 – HB 117  Provides relative to the membership of the St. Landry Parish Fire District No. 7 board of commissioners

ACT 60 – HB 120 Authorizes the commissioner of conservation to certify to the U.S. Department of Transportation his regulatory authority over underground natural gas storage facilities.

ACT 61 – HB 131 Provides relative to theft prevention programs

ACT 62 – HB 134 Provides for identification of health plan coverage type 

ACT 63 – HB 150  Authorizes the La. Board of Pharmacy to waive license and certification renewal fees for military spouses

ACT 64 – HB 151 Revises the definition of "approved college of pharmacy" as used in the Louisiana Pharmacy Practice Act.

ACT 65 – HB 183 Re-creates the Department of Education.

ACT 66 – HB 194 Provides a time period after payment of a claim during which an insurer may dispute and recoup the amount paid.

ACT 67 – HB 197 Prohibits the importation of live cervid 

ACT 68 – HB 212 Creates the crimes of theft of livestock and theft of timber.

ACT 70 – HB 216 Creates the "Neville High School" specialty license plate.

ACT 71 – HB 217 Creates the "Carroll High School" specialty license plate.

ACT 72 – HB 227 Provides relative to reapplication for a producer license subsequent to revocation.

ACT 73 – HB 232 Authorizes the imposition of certain civil monetary penalties and fees relative to violations of administrative rule.

ACT 74 – HB 233 Provides relative to the filing of certain federal covered securities.

ACT 75 – HB 250 Changes requirements for newspaper advertisement of a public notice for a hearing concerning an increase in a property tax without voter approval.

ACT 76 – HB 255 Provides for a public records exception for certain records of the State Board of Architectural Examiners concerning the fitness of a person to receive or hold a license or certificate of registration to practice architecture.

ACT 77 – HB 287 Provides relative to laws concerning abortion based on genetic abnormality.

ACT 78 – HB 289 Creates the "Brusly High School" specialty license plate.

ACT 80 – HB 290 Creates the "Glen Oaks High School" specialty license plate.

ACT 81 – HB 291 Creates the "Port Allen High School" specialty license plate.

ACT 82 – HB 300 Creates the "Louisiana Aviator" special prestige license plate.            

ACT 83 – HB 302 Re-creates the Department of Public Service.

ACT 84 – HB 331 Provides for payment of the Oilfield Site Restoration Fund fee.

ACT 85 – HB 335 Provides relative to the Louisiana Historical Records Advisory Board.

ACT 86 – HB 341 Changes the due date for filing corporate franchise tax returns.

ACT 87 – HB 342 Changes the deadline for agencies which administer tax incentives to submit reports to the legislature.

ACT 88 – HB 360 Provides for electronic notifications to board members and stockholders of banks, savings and loan associations, and savings banks.

ACT 89 – HB 367 Provides relative to the State Seal of Biliteracy recognizing high school graduates who meet certain academic eligibility criteria relative to language proficiency.

ACT 90 – HB 373  Provides relative to judicial review of certain administrative decisions.

ATC 91 – HB 374 Requires the Board of Tax Appeals to refund certain filing fees and deposits paid relating to claims for the solar energy systems tax credit.  

ACT 92 – HB 419 Provides relative to inspections of life safety systems and equipment.

ACT 94 – HB 421 Provides for the licensing of acupuncturists.

ACT 95 – HB 442 Delineates the boundary between state ownership and private ownership of the land adjacent to False River.

ACT 96 – HB 459 Provides for the transfer of small deposits upon the death of an intestate depositor.

ACT 97 – HB 551 Provides relative to the Louisiana Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association. 

ACT 98 – HB 577 Provides relative to disclosure of certain vital records to organ procurement organizations.

ACT 99 – HB 620 Requires the office of vital records to share data regarding veterans.

ACT100 – HB 642 Provides relative to the Bail Bond Apprentice Program.

ACT 101– HB 644 Provides relative to the licensing of third party administrators. 

ACT 102 – HB 660 Creates the Native American Commission within the office of the governor.

ACT 103 – HB 711 Provides for changes to the Louisiana Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys

ACT 104 – HB 768 Provides relative to reporting of child abuse and neglect in military families.  

ACT 105 – HB 814 Provides for the oilfield site restoration program.

ACT 106 – HB 860 Provides for expedited permitting in the office of conservation.

Gov. Edwards vetoed the following bills for various reasons:

HB 607 and HB 609
 provide unnecessary additional regulations on the insurance industry that may result in additional costs being passed along to policy holders.

HB 169 
would eliminate the requirement that the cancellation of an insurance policy be sent via certified mail, an important consumer protection that all policy holders deserve