Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards released the following statement on the announcement that Louisiana hit an all-time high in the number of employed individuals since publishing began in 1976. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) as of April 2018, Louisiana recorded its all-time record of seasonally adjusted employed at 2,042,495.  As a result, Louisiana has the lowest unemployment rate in a decade at 4.5 percent.
“This is incredible news for our state, and it is further proof that Louisiana is moving in the right direction when it comes to job availability and having a workforce that is ready to meet the demands of our growing economy,” said Gov. Edwards. “This is not only good news for our people but also for businesses across the state. As employment increases it’s clear that momentum is on our side, and we will continue working to meet the needs of job seekers and creators.  We know there is more work to do, which is why the decisions we make over the next two-week special session are critically important to our state’s future.”
Louisiana’s seasonally adjusted civilian labor force, or the number of people who are employed in addition to those looking for work, increased by 28,518 from April 2017. This is the highest recorded civilian labor force since March 2016.
Louisiana’s seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment has added 19,900 jobs since April 2017. There have now been over-the-year gains for seven straight months. This is also the largest over-the-year gain since March 2015. Seasonally adjusted nonfarm employment increased by 9,200 jobs from March 2018, bringing the new total to 1,993,100.
Industries that showed the largest gains for seasonally adjusted jobs:

• Education & Health Services gained 2,500 jobs for the month and 7,800 jobs for the year.

• Construction gained 2,200 jobs for the month and 2,300 jobs for the year. 

• Leisure and Hospitality gained 1,700 jobs for the month and 6,700 jobs for the year.

• Professional and Business Services gained 800 jobs for the month and 6,700 jobs for the year.

• Manufacturing gained 800 jobs for the month and 2,500 jobs for the year.

• Mining & Logging, which includes industries in the oil and gas sector, gained 400 jobs for the month, but remained unchanged for the year.

The Baton Rouge and Lakes Charles metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) were at series highs for employment.