Today, the Times-Picayune editorial board endorsed a push by Gov. John Bel Edwards to allow the people of Louisiana to vote on an increase to the minimum wage. The editorial board states, “Raising the minimum wage to $9 is a modest change, but it would make a significant difference to families struggling to pay rent and keep food on the table. Louisiana doesn’t have its own minimum wage and defers to the federal rate, which hasn’t gone up in a decade.” They also noted widespread support among the public citing a recent poll from LSU’s Public Policy Research Lab showing that 81 percent of Louisiana residents would vote in favor of an increase, including nearly 75 percent of Republicans who were polled.

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Gov. Edwards supports SB 155 by Sen. Troy Carter, which would authorize a constitutional amendment to allow voters an opportunity to increase the minimum wage by establishing a state minimum wage of $9. To see the Governor’s full Legislative agenda, click here.