Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2019 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 173—SB 3 Provides authority for the commissioner of the OMV to waive any penalty, procedure, or requirement for failure to maintain insurance provided that the principal driver of the motor vehicle is the registered owner or owner's spouse or child who was in the hospital or has died, and the owner can provide such proof to the commissioner.

ACT 174—SB 7 Provides for the repeal of Medicaid prepaid coordinated care network pharmaceutical and therapeutics committees.

ACT 175—SB 18 Authorizes the governing authority of Acadia Parish to elect a secretary-treasurer.

ACT 176—SB 22 Dedicates funds from certain litigation filed by the state to recover damages.

ACT 177—SB 25 Provides for insurance benefits for retirees of the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office. 

ACT 178—SB 27 Provides relative to salaries for judges as recommended by the Judicial Compensation Commission.

ACT 179—SB 29 Provides relative to professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions.

ACT 180—SB 30 Adds Pointe Coupee Parish to the territorial limits and jurisdiction of the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission.

ACT 181—SB 34 Removes bottle-size limitations on containers of wine shipped directly to consumers.

ACT 182—SB 35 Provides for the change in name of the Northshore Harbor Center District.

ACT 183—SB 37 Authorizes the office of debt recovery to collect delinquent debts on behalf of local government subdivisions.

ACT 184—SB 39 Prohibits the mislabeling of milk products.

ACT 185—SB 40 Repeals the Boll Weevil Eradication Fund and assessments on cotton producers and provides for the disposition of funds.

ACT 186—SB 42 Provides relative to the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Law.

ACT 187—SB 46 Enacts the Louisiana Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.

ACT 188—SB 126 Provides relative to credit union powers and procedures.

ACT 189—SB 142 Authorizes the governing authority for the city of Abbeville to submit a sales tax proposition to its electors to fund salary raises for its full-time employees.

ACT 190—SB 150 Provides relative to the unauthorized use of certain financial terms.

ACT 191—SB 163 Provides relative to special permits for the operation of vehicles issued by the Department of Transportation and Development.

ACT 192—SB 169 Provides relative to the statewide immunization registry.

ACT 193—SB 180 Provides relative to the recovery of certain monies expended from the Oilfield Site Restoration Fund. 

ACT 194—SB 197 Provides for disclosures in homeowners' insurance policies.

ACT 195—SB 199 Extends the insurance fraud investigation unit within the Department of Public Safety and Corrections and the insurance fraud prevention act. 

ACT 196—SB 201 Repeals the Washington Parish Reservoir District and directs the transfer of any remaining property and excess funds to the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism in support of the Bogue Chitto State Park.

ACT 197—SB 217 Exempts the refundable portion of the child tax credit from seizure. 

ACT 198—SB 221 Provides relative to abortion and the Woman's Right to Know law.

ACT 199—SB 225 Exempts certain purchases by student farmers from state sales and use tax. 

ACT 200—SB 231 Adds Ascension Parish to the Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District.

ACT 201—SB 233 Increases "contract limit" that requires public bid for public work related to drainage projects done by regular maintenance employees in St. Charles Parish.

ACT 202—SB 235 Repeals unused tax credits.

ACT 203—SB 237 Provides relative to certain tax increment financing districts.

ACT 204—SB 241 Provides for the Small Business Protection Act.