oday, Gov. John Bel Edwards released a statement highlighting the state’s continued low unemployment rate — the lowest in 11 years — following a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

“Louisiana continues to see its lowest unemployment rate in 11 years, which, when paired with our highest GDP and personal income on record, is good news for Louisiana. Between a stabilized budget with a modest surplus and attracting thousands of jobs to the state through our aggressive economic development efforts, Louisiana truly is headed on the right track,” Gov. Edwards said. 

Facts about the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics Report:

Louisiana’s 4.3 percent unemployment rate was unchanged from last month and continues to be the lowest unemployment the state has seen in 11 years. 

Unemployment has decreased since Gov. Edwards took office, when the rate was 6.1. 

The state added 4,800 total non-farm jobs since the same time last year. 

In the private sector, Louisiana has added 6,700 jobs over the year.