Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that $10 million of recovery funds from Hurricanes Ike and Gustav will be used to build roughly 50 new permanent residential houses for Louisiana National Guard Soldiers and Airmen at Camp Beauregard in Pineville, Nov. 11.

The project is being managed and accomplished through a joint effort between Edwards and the State of Louisiana, the Louisiana National Guard Foundation, and the LANG. The homes will replace aging mobile homes, which were brought in to house displaced families after Hurricane Katrina, that are currently in place for some Camp Beauregard residents. The upgrade will bring a substantial improvement to the quality of Guardsmen and their families that live on post.

“I know how important improvements like these are for military families,” said Edwards. “I can tell you that having a good place to call home is critically important, especially when you know they are going to be occupied by men and women who are sacrificing everything for the safety of our country.”

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