Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards issued the following statement about legislation he signed recently to end a practice that caused members of the military who deployed overseas to face higher auto insurance rates when they returned home.

Senate Bill 16 by Jay Luneau was a part of the Governor’s package and received unanimous support in the Legislature.

Gov. Edwards said:

“One area where there was little disagreement this past Legislative Session was helping to make sure that members of the military were not charged higher auto insurance rates when they returned home from being deployed. I am proud to have signed this bill, which effectively ends the so-called Patriot Penalty and guarantees that our military heroes are not charged higher auto insurance rates. I appreciate Senator Luneau for bringing forward this solution, and for the entire Louisiana Legislature for supporting the members of our military. Auto insurance rates are too high in Louisiana and right now auto insurance companies can still legally increase rates based on a person’s gender, credit score and marital status. While these injustices remain, I am happy that we have at least crossed another – being deployed – off of the list.”