Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed several bills into law and vetoed a number of bills.

Gov. Edwards signed the following bills into law:

ACT 163—HB 869 Provides relative to requirements for permitting a solid waste incineration facility.

ACT 164—HB 12 Provides relative to the suspension of benefits of members of the Firefighters' Retirement System upon reemployment.

ACT 165—HB 52 Provides relative to the filing of oaths and bonds by registrars of voters.

ACT 166—HB 53 Provides relative to the election of judges for the 2nd JDC.

ACT 167—HB 70 Provides relative to National Guard death and disability benefits and qualifying subsequent examination.

ACT 168—HB 80 Provides relative to group health insurance for retired district attorneys.

ACT 169—HB 88 Prohibits disclosure by registrars of voters, clerks of court, and the Department of State of information related to voter registration and election management computer systems.

ACT 170—HB 102 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Housing Authority of the City of Shreveport.

ACT 171—HB 136 Creates the crime of adulterating a food product.

ACT 172—HB 137 Repeals the crime of vagrancy.

ACT 173—HB 142 Provides relative to successions.

ACT 174—HB 150 Amends the crime of battery of a police officer to include the throwing of water, other liquids, or human waste.

ACT 175—HB 159 Allows nighttime hunting of outlaw quadrupeds, nutria, and beaver on private property at any time of the year.

ACT 176—HB 209 Authorizes a health insurance issuer to provide policy information electronically.

ACT 177—HB 210 Provides for a child support obligor's right to claim children for tax purposes and provides for the schedule of basic child support obligations.

ACT 178—HB 246 Authorizes the secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to certify "organizations involved in charitable hunting and fishing activities" and waives license fees for such organizations.

ACT 179—HB 247 Provides relative to credit for reinsurance.

ACT 180—HB 251 Recreates the Early Childhood Care and Education Commission.

ACT 181—HB 263 Provides for insurance coverage of step therapy or fail first protocols.

ACT 182—HB 269 Allows for the use of the Budget Stabilization Fund for state costs associated with a federally declared disaster.

ACT 183—HB 284 Provides relative to financial institutions.

ACT 184—HB 292 Provides relative to hotel occupancy taxes levied by certain tourist commissions and convention and visitors bureaus.

ACT 185—HB 296 Provides for cancellation of a policy by the insured party.

ACT 186—HB 334 Authorizes a concealed handgun permit holder to carry a concealed handgun in a place of worship.

ACT 187—HB 353 Provides relative to claims for dental services made by healthcare providers.

ACT 188—HB 363 Creates and provides for a retired volunteer dental hygienist license.

ACT 189—HB 373 Provides relative to the Westminster Pine Park Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

ACT 190—HB 411 Provides relative to hunting and fishing license fees for Purple Heart recipients.

ACT 191—HB 449 Provides relative to behavioral health services delivered via telehealth.

ACT 192—HB 458 Provides relative to the execution of agreements between merchants and third-party delivery services. 

ACT 193—HB 521 Provides for the notification process for ad valorem reappraisal. 

ACT 194—HB 537 Provides relative to the Sulphur Industrial Development District. 

ACT 195—HB 575 Provides relative to security for deposit of funds. 

ACT 195—HB 577 Provides with respect to promotions within certain local police departments. 

ACT 197—HB 583 Requires certain public trusts to obtain approval of a parish or municipal governing authority under certain circumstances prior to undertaking an authorized public function or purpose.

ACT 198—HB 584 Provides relative to the authorized uses of funds in the Crime Victims Reparations Fund. 

ACT 199—HB 593 Provides relative to the prescriptive period for child support judgments. 

ACT 200—HB 613 Provides relative to the occupational licenses of military families. 

ACT 201—HB 615 Provides relative to donors or prospective donors of an organ or tissue.

ACT 202—HB 619  Authorizes the La. Board of Pharmacy to charge fees for permitting of pharmacy benefit managers and provides for the frequency with which the board may assess other fees.

ACT 203—HB 643 Provides relative to the supervision of parolees. 

ACT 204—HB 734 Provides relative to access to dual enrollment. 

ACT 205—HB 757 To change the name of the Slidell City Court. 

ACT 206—HB 871 Revises the definition of dyslexia for purposes of testing and providing services to students 

ACT 207—SB 27 Provides relative to board appointments and powers and duties of the Harbor Center District. 

ACT 208—SB 36 Provides for the acceptance of a notice of candidacy. 

ACT 209—SB 42 Provides that domicile of the Department of State is in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

ACT 210—SB 75 Provides relative to addresses to where absentee by mail ballots are sent. 

ACT 211—SB 80 Exempts interior blueprints and floor plans of public school buildings and facilities from the definition of "public records". 

ACT 212—SB 104 Provides for board membership and authority of certain state museums.

ACT 213—SB 111 Provides that the contributions to the state retirement systems for the unfunded accrued liability shall be contained in the executive budget and as an exhibit to the general appropriation bill.

ACT 214—SB 120 Requires that three members of the Louisiana State Racing Commission be affiliated with the horse racing industry.

ACT 215—SB 130 Provides for a proposition election to determine whether sports wagering activities and operations will be permitted in a parish.

ACT 216—SB 138 Provides for sales and use tax collection by marketplace facilitators.

ACT 217—SB 140 Requires certain offices to report cyber incidents to secretary of state. 

ACT 218—SB 153 Provides relative to continuing tutorship.

ACT 219—SB 157 Provides relative to audit requirements for recipients of state funds.

ACT 220—SB 183 Authorizes clerks of court to have law enforcement officers at polling places on election day to enforce law and authorizes law enforcement officers to enter voting location in an emergency.

ACT 221—SB 198 Designates the month of September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

ACT 222—SB 204 Provides for health insurance coverage of cancer treatments.

ACT 223—SB 252 Provides for driver education to include instruction relative to accessible parking and access aisles.

ACT 224—SB 254 Provides for expansion of working conditions afforded to fire service employees employed by nonprofit corporations under contract with a fire protection district, municipality, or other political subdivision.

ACT 225—SB 318 Provides for TOPS-Tech award eligibility for certain military veterans.

ACT 226—SB 354 Provides relative to a card indicating licensing and certification of an offender prior to his release.

ACT 227—SB 390 Provides relative to Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans.

ACT 228—SB 407 Provides relative to the post-conviction veterans mentor program.

ACT 229—SB 424 Authorizes the city of Central to expropriate property by declaration for the purpose of maintaining and improving drainage.

ACT 230—SB 426 Requires health insurance coverage for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) diagnostic testing.

Gov. Edwards vetoed the following bills for various reasons. Click each bill number to read the corresponding veto letter.

HB 197 Gov. Edwards has vetoed HB 197 for two reasons. First, because Louisiana is in a constant state of emergency and there would likely never be a time when the lesser penalty is in effect. Secondly, the term “water control structure” is ill-defined in the bill. 

HB 313 Gov. Edwards has vetoed HB 313 because such a change in the Single Business Enterprise Document could make it more difficult for creditors to pursue their claims and could inadvertently hurt small businesses, independent contractors, investors and pension funds in Louisiana. 

HB 562 Gov. Edwards vetoed HB 562 because it is an unnecessary restriction that would limit the ability of state agencies to properly respond to events that may develop over a budget year, such as natural disasters. 

HB 597 Gov. Edwards vetoed HB 597 because it would overrule the jurisprudential presumption of causation established by Housley v. Cerise (1991). 

SB 132 Gov. Edwards has vetoed SB 132. SB 132’s requirement that the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget approve any contract or cooperative endeavor agreement with a value greater than or equal to $25 million violates Article 2, Section 2 of the Louisiana Constitution.

SB 395 Gov. Edwards has vetoed SB 395 for two reasons. First, since SB 115 is now signed, the enactment of SB 395 would lead to confusion and duplication. Secondly, there is a significant difference between SB 115 and SB 395 that raises questions of constitutionality. 

SB 406 Gov. Edwards has vetoed SB 406. Gov. Edwards vetoed SB 406 because in its final form, the legislation prohibits an electric cooperative from providing broadband in serviced areas and at the same time requires an electric cooperative that provides broadband service in an unserved area to give other broadband service providers nondiscriminatory access to its electronic delivery system. 

SB 418 Gov. Edwards vetoed SB 418 because it is neither a compromise nor a mandate to decrease auto insurance rates in Louisiana. Not a single insurance company testified in committee that SB 418 would reduce rates.