Alcohol may be served at sporting events in parishes that qualify and have opted in to open bars, beginning this weekend, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Monday.

The Governor will include this change in his updated public health emergency order, which will be issued later this week. The current order expires this Friday, October 9.

“Today we notified athletic departments and teams that they may begin to sell alcohol at sporting events this weekend, if their stadium, arena or complex is in a parish that meets the threshold for bars reopening and also if their parish has opted in to open bars. However, this will be limited to fans buying alcohol and returning to their seats to drink it and will require event managers to continue with their strong COVID mitigation measures, which are working,” Gov. Edwards said. “It remains vitally important that all fans attending games follow the clear guidance put in place by their teams, especially when it comes to wearing face masks. You cannot be served alcohol at a sporting event if you are not wearing a face mask, period.”

“Right now, Louisiana’s COVID hospitalization rate is the lowest it has been in nearly four months, and that’s because Louisianans are taking mitigation measures like wearing masks seriously. If we want to continue to come together as fans to celebrate, we must wear our face masks, wash our hands frequently and avoid going in public whenever we have symptoms,” Gov. Edwards said.

In a message to athletics’ leaders, the Governor’s office outlined guidance for alcohol sales at sporting events, including:

  • Alcohol may only be sold to customers who return to their ticketed seats to consume it.
  • Crowd managers and signage must be used to explain that standing consumption is not allowed.
  • Alcohol may only be sold to people who are wearing face coverings.
  • No alcohol may be sold after 11 p.m.
  • The stadium must comply with all guidance and regulations set forth by the State Fire Marshal or the Commissioner of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.