Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law from the 2021 Legislative Session.

ACT 80—HB 697 Provides for sports wagering.

ACT 81—SB 45 Extends the sunset date for Ports of Louisiana tax credits.

ACT 82—SB 48 Provides relative to continuing education requirements imposed by the Louisiana Board of Hearing Aid Dealers.

ACT 83—SB 52 Provides for payment of certain group insurance costs by Livingston Parish sheriff.

ACT 84—SB 57 Provides for the functions of the jury commission in Franklin Parish.

ACT 85—SB 64 Provides relative to acts prohibited during early voting or on election day.

ACT 86—SB 65 Provides relative to dental referral plans.

ACT 87—SB 74 Provides for the disposition of abandoned property deposited at the state archives.

ACT 88—SB 75 Provides an exception for late approval of a capital outlay request for a state-owned and administered project submitted by a budget unit of the state, including public postsecondary education institutions.

ACT 89—SB 82 Provides for external review of health insurance issuers.

ACT 90—SB 88 Authorizes levee boards to spend funds generated from one or more levee districts in another district that benefits an entire levee authority.

ACT 91—SB 89 Provides for the unemployment insurance procedure to be applied by the secretary of the La. Workforce Commission for calendar year 2022.

ACT 92—SB 93 Provides relative to telehealth services provided by licensed hearing aid dealers.

ACT 93—SB 95 Provides relative to the return of certain schools in the Recovery School District to the transferring school board.

ACT 94—SB 98 Provides relative to marine products.

ACT 95—SB 99 Provides relative to TOPS eligibility.

ACT 96—SB 107 Provides relative to the composition of the controlled dangerous substances schedules.

ACT 97—SB 120 Provides for the salary of the marshal of the city court of Lafayette.

ACT 98—SB 129 Creates and provides for the Community Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Act.

ACT 99—SB 132 Provides relative to analysis of the DNA sample collected following an arrest for certain offenses.

ACT 100—SB 144 Creates the crime of unlawful possession, transfer, or manufacture of animal fighting paraphernalia.

ACT 101—SB 168 Provides relative to controlled dangerous substances.

ACT 102—SB 180 Provides relative to state procurement of certain services by use of reverse auction technology.

ACT 103—SB 183 Provides for the acquisition of blighted property in Lake Charles.

ACT 104—SB 186 Provides for post-conviction relief with regard to successful "actual innocence" claims.

ACT 105—SB 199 Designates portions of state highways for certain individuals.

ACT 106—SB 206 Provides relative to group insurance expenses for certain clerks of court.

ACT 107—SB 212 Designates a portion of US 90 Business-Westbank Expressway in the city of Westwego in Jefferson Parish as the "Michael D. Louviere Memorial Highway.”

ACT 108—SB 216 Requires early literacy professional development for certain teachers.

ACT 109—SB 229 Provides for the creation, dedication, use, and investment of the Health Care Employment Reinvestment Opportunity (H.E.R.O.) Fund.

ACT 110—SB 246 Provides relative to the creation of an international language immersion school.