Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law from the 2022 Regular Legislative Session.

ACT 641—HB 477 Provides for new assistant district attorney positions for various judicial districts in the state. 

ACT 642—HB 489 Provides relative to court costs in the Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish. 

ACT 643—HB 495 Requires the implementation of suicide prevention and student safety and violence and social isolation prevention training and the creation of clubs at certain public schools.

ACT 644—HB 505 Provides with respect to certified ambulance operators.

ACT 645—HB 507 Provides relative to surnames recorded on original birth certificates.

ACT 646—HB 517 Creates and provides for the Medical Advisory Council within the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections. 

ACT 647—HB 968 Establishes a state sickle cell disease registry. 

ACT 648—HB 977 Provides relative to sick leave granted to teachers, school employees, and school bus operators. 

ACT 649—HB 980 Provides relative to the state employee leave transfer program. 

ACT 650—HB 981 Requires instruction on mental health to be provided for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. 

ACT 651—HB 988 Provides relative to employment discrimination against public employees being treated with medical marijuana. 

ACT 652—HB 1065 Provides relative to notice of changes to polling places. 

ACT 653—HB 1066 Provides relative to clinical laboratory personnel. 

ACT 654—HB 1068 Provides relative to the termination date of Act 110 of the 2020 R.S. of the Legislature of La. relative to the assessment, collection, and distribution of certain court costs and fees in the parish of Orleans. 

ACT 655—HB 1079 Provides relative to mortgage companies. 

ACT 656—SB 5 Grants a nonrecurring lump-sum supplemental payment to certain eligible retirees and beneficiaries.

ACT 657—SB 6 Grants a permanent benefit increase to eligible system retirees and beneficiaries.

ACT 658—SB 16 Provides relative to the Video Draw Poker Device Fund. 

ACT 659—SB 22 Extends the termination date of the Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council for three years. 

ACT 660—SB 48 Provides for changes to the Water Sector Program. 

ACT 661—SB 57 Provides relative to the compensation of school bus operators. 

ACT 662—SB 63 Provides for the duties of the Department of Children and Family Services regarding victims of child sex trafficking. 

ACT 663—SB 67 Provides for the reorganization and modernization of the Administrative Procedure Act. 

ACT 664—SB 76 Provides that certain graduate students shall be exempt from mandatory student fees.

ACT 665—SB 81 Provides relative to requirement for certain student demographic information to be included from the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students Information System.

ACT 666—SB 97 Provides relative to pharmacist licensure by reciprocity. 

ACT 667—SB 108 Provides relative to definition of utility terrain vehicles and recreational off-highway vehicles. 

ACT 668—SB 182 Provides relative to revocation of P.O.S.T. certification. 

ACT 669—SB 244 Requires uniform reporting by local sales tax collectors that are compensated based on cost of collection.

ACT 670—SB 298 Requires the Louisiana Department of Health to annually review medications, forms of treatment, and services for care of Medicaid enrollees with sickle cell disease. 

ACT 671—SB 315 Provides relative to fentanyl and carfentanil. 

ACT 672—SB 319 Provides for certain punitive articles of the Louisiana Code of Military Justice. 

ACT 673—SB 337 Increases sentence for operating a vehicle while under suspension for certain prior offenses. 

ACT 674—SB 370 Provides for parent participation after adjudication of a delinquent act committed by their juvenile child. 

ACT 675—SB 428 Prohibits the reduction of policy limits based on defense expenses.