BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills from the 2023 Regular Legislative Session into law:

ACT 31-SB15 Provides relative to per diem received by commissioners of the Vinton Harbor and Terminal District.

ACT 32-SB17 Provides for the composition, terms, powers, and duties of the Shreveport police and firefighters' pension boards of trustees.

ACT 33-SB20 Provides relative to hospital service districts and scholarships for certain healthcare professionals.

ACT 34-SB24 Provides relative to the Louisiana Board for Hearing Aid Dealers.

ACT 35-SB29 Provides relative to the use of a surgical smoke plume evacuation system.

ACT 36-SB36 Provides for funding of certain insurance costs for retirees of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office.

ACT 37-SB53 Provides for the powers and authority of the commission of the Cane River Waterway District.

ACT 38-SB55 Provides for procuration or mandate by a succession representative.

ACT 39-SB59 Authorizes the sale of certain school property by the Natchitoches Parish School Board and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

ACT 40-SB64 Creates Ezekiel's Law and provides relative to protecting children from abuse.

ACT 41-SB68 Provides for the lease of property located within Jefferson Parish.

ACT 42-SB98 Provides for adding interest in bone marrow donorship to the list of options offered during application for renewal of a state-issued driver's license.

ACT 43-SB100 Provides for advanced recycling facilities.

ACT 44-SB101 Provides for the distribution of funds from the Lafayette Parish Visitor Enterprise Fund.

ACT 45-SB113 Provides for certain insurance premium discounts.

ACT 46-SB115 Provides relative to educational benefits for children, spouses, and surviving spouses of certain veterans.

ACT 47-SB143 Provides for former officers or insolvent insurers.