BATON ROUGE, La. – Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills from the 2023 Regular Legislative Session into law:

ACT 180-HB289 Provides relative to organ donation instruction in public high schools.

ACT 181-HB412 Establishes a program to be administered by the La. Educational Television Authority for the purpose of encouraging reading for young children and creates a fund within the state treasury for the purpose of funding the program.

ACT 182-HB587 Provides relative to the Louisiana Community Health Worker Workforce Board.

ACT 183-HB645 Creates the crime of unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution, or possession of Xylazine.

ACT 184-SB18 Provides for benefit increases for retirees, beneficiaries, and survivors of state retirement systems and the funding therefor.

ACT 185-SB22 Provides relative to soil conservation policy.

ACT 186-SB37 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Berwick Housing Authority.

ACT 187-SB39 Establishes the Community Options Waiver Fund and provides for dedication of revenues and use of monies in the fund.

ACT 188-SB43 Exempts certain persons who sell trolling motors from licensing requirements.

ACT 189-SB57 Provides for the board of commissioners for the East Baton Rouge Parish Communications District.

ACT 190-SB58 Provides for creation of a public benefit corporation in Jefferson Parish.

ACT 191-SB67 Requires certain financial documents related to the Louisiana Timber and Agriculture Transportation Group Self-Insurance Funds.

ACT 192-HB92 Provides for the board of commissioners of veterans' memorial districts.

ACT 193-SB169 Provides for tracking rape kits from collection through conviction.

ACT 194-SB210 Provides relative to the practice of optometry.

ACT 195-SB222 Provides relative to the civil service status of employees of the Morgan City Housing Authority. 

ACT 196-SB223 Increases the transaction fee for processing office of motor vehicles transactions in the city of West Monroe.

ACT 197-SB232 Provides for creation of the Victoria Farms Crime Prevention and Improvement District.

ACT 198-HB244 Provides relative to the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund.

ACT 199-HB254 Repeals provisions in the Louisiana Constitution related to various funds.

ACT 200-HB311 Prohibits the use of monies from a foreign government or nongovernmental source to fund elections.

ACT 201-SB14 Provides relative to schedules of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law. 

ACT 202-SB28 Provides relative to grain sampling and grading.

ACT 203-SB70 Authorizes the creation of cooperative economic development districts affiliated with Southern University and Louisiana State University in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 204-SB76 Creates a special medical district in St. Martin Parish.

ACT 205-SB87 Provides for the jurisdictional boundaries of the Benton Metropolitan Planning Commission.

ACT 206-SB106 Requires the insurer to provide upon written request of the insured claim file for certain records in connection with an unsettled property insurance claim.

ACT 207-SB135 Provides relative to Medicaid reimbursement for services provided by a licensed midwife or certified nurse midwife.

ACT 208-SB150 Creates the Louisiana Literacy Advisory Commission.

ACT 209-SB161 Provides for the Louisiana Small Wild Catfish Processor's Act.

ACT 210-SB200 Provides that retaliation against an employee for an absence from work due to genetic testing or a medically necessary cancer screening shall be an unlawful employment practice.

ACT 211-SB202 Provides relative to campus accountability and safety.

ACT 212-SB229 Provides for the boundaries and certain payments to the New Orleans Exhibition Hall Authority Economic Growth and Development District.

ACT 213-SB231 Provides relative to the creation of the Mickens Place Crime Prevention and Improvement District in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 214-HB55 Provides relative to mental health treatment of incarcerated people.

ACT 215-HB68 Authorizes public high schools to offer a course of instruction in the history and literature of the Bible.

ACT 216-HB77 Provides for attorney general investigation for publishers and distributors of material harmful to minors.

ACT 217-HB89 Provides relative to the collection of certain traffic stop data by law enforcement.

ACT 218-HB94 Provides relative to theft or criminal access of automated teller machines.

ACT 219-HB121 Requires public schools to provide at least one recess period per school day in schools with any grade kindergarten through fifth grade.

ACT 220-HB128 Provides relative to nuisance ordinances regarding grass cutting in West Baton Rouge Parish.

ACT 221-HB135 Prohibits a registered sex offender or child predator from serving as a commissioner or watcher.

ACT 222-HB136 Provides for the abolition of the office of police chief and the police department for the village of Noble.

ACT 223-HB139 Provides relative to administrative adjudication of certain ordinance violations in the parish of Acadia.

ACT 224-HB167 Provides for a tuition waiver for certain disabled veterans.

ACT 225-HB174 Prohibits the disclosure of certain information regarding the active duty or dependent status of certain voters.

ACT 226-HB184 Provides relative to a child in need of care.

ACT 227-HB192 Provides an exception to allow an immediate family member of a village governing authority member to be appointed or employed by the village under certain circumstances.

ACT 228-HB193 Provides relative to transcription fees charged by court reporters in the Thirtieth Judicial District.

ACT 229-HB217 Provides relative to commissioners of the Nineteenth Judicial District Court.

ACT 230-HB224 Provides relative to contracts awarded to socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in the city of New Orleans.

ACT 231-HB258 Establishes a state maritime academy within the University of Louisiana System.

ACT 232-HB275 Provides relative to Concordia Parish Hospital Service District No. 1.

ACT 233-HB434 Provides relative to the state medical assistance program.

ACT 234-SB12 Requires an automated external defibrillator on the premises of all educational institutions and at sponsored athletic events.

ACT 235-SB16 Provides relative to parish boards of election supervisors.

ACT 236-SB23 Requires approval by the secretary of state for the use and expands permissible locations of alternative locations for early voting.

ACT 237-SB34 Provides for "Crisis Lifeline dial 988" to be included on all state-issued driver's licenses and personal identification cards and the home page of LA Wallet.

ACT 238-SB46 Provides for review of textbooks and other instructional materials.

ACT 239-SB61 Creates an individual income tax checkoff for donations for Holden's Hope.

ACT 240-SB80 Provides for transparency and community engagement in redistricting.

ACT 241-SB84 Requires the La. Board of Ethics to send certain communications electronically.

ACT 242-SB89 Provides relative to the net capital gains deduction for individual income tax.

ACT 243-SB117 Provides relative to the crime of assault by drive-by shooting.

ACT 244-SB145 Provides for methods to contract for certain airport facilities.

ACT 245-SB152 Creates the Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission.

ACT 246-SB167 Provides relative to design-build.

ACT 247-SB213 Provides relative to the costs for public records.

ACT 248-SB225 Authorizes the city of Denham Springs to levy a hotel occupancy tax.

ACT 249-SB8 Provides relative to interest applicable to local sales and use taxes paid under protest.

ACT 250-SB62 Provides for the notification of certain hazardous material releases.

ACT 251-SB69 Extends the sunset of the research and development tax credit.

ACT 252-SB72 Provides relative to the issuance of revenue bonds on behalf of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

ACT 253-SB108 Provides relative to the Angel Investor Tax Credit Program.

ACT 254-SB110 Provides for patient's right to prompt coverage.

ACT 255-SB118 Extends the sunset of the Louisiana Tax Free Shopping Program.

ACT 256-SB124 Increases the penalty for driving a vehicle without a license plate attached.

ACT 257-SB130 Authorizes retired law enforcement officers and retired elected law enforcement department heads to carry concealed firearms if POST certified at the time of retirement.

ACT 258-SB144 Provides relative to horse racing.

ACT 259-SB147 Creates the Louisiana Churches and Nonprofit Religious Organizations Self-Insured Fund.

ACT 260-SB163 Requires numeracy professional development for certain teachers.

ACT 261-SB173 Provides for the disposition of monies designated for horse racing purses.

ACT 262-SB183 Provides relative to the construction code retrofitting deduction for individual income tax.

ACT 263-SB186 Provides relative to the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact.