Gov. John Bel Edwards' Legislative Agenda for the 2022 legislative session includes: 

Budget Priorities:

K-12 Teacher & Support Staff Pay Increase 
Increased Investments in Education at Every Level
Historic Investments in Louisiana’s Infrastructure
Replinishing in the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

Minimum Wage

Gov. Edwards enthusiastically and wholeheartedly supports raising the minimum wage in Louisiana, because $7.25 an hour doesn’t cut it for someone working to support themselves and their family. The Governor will support any effort that increases the minimum wage in Louisiana. 

Proactive Policy & Claims Material 
HB 316 by Rep. Willard

Requires insurance companies, at specified times after property damage due to a gubernatorially declared disaster, to proactively provide policyholders with policy and claims materials to which they are already entitled.

Affirmative Consent for Named Storm Deductible
HB 317 by Rep. Willard & SB 150 by Sen. Luneau

Requires policyholders to provide affirmative consent agreeing to their named storm deductible before it can take effect as part of their policy.

Louisiana Named Storm Insurance Fraud Prevention
HB 692 by Rep. Larvadain

Creates the Louisiana Named Storm Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority modeled after the Louisiana Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority. The Authority will focus on enforcing fraud laws against bad actors after named storms.

Insurance Checks
HB 805 by Rep. Green

Creates reasonable rules for mortgage companies when handling insurance checks. Specifically, requires a policy outlining the process for disbursement of funds received from an insurer as a result of a major claim on property, provides a point of contact for insurance claims, and establishes a process through which a mortgagee can appeal a decision that is preventing or delaying the mortgagee from making repairs to the property in a timely manner.

Insurance Adjusters Database
HB 682 by Rep. Brown

Creates a database of registered insurance adjusters that is easily accessible and digestible to policyholders.

Bad Faith Insurance Penalties
HB 976 by Rep. Larvadain

Combines the two bad faith penalties that are currently in law and increases the minimum bad faith penalty to 100% of the amount in dispute between the insurance company and policyholder. Also adds higher penalties of 150% and 200% if the bad behavior leads the claim to drag out for more than six months or one year, respectively.

Auto Insurance Anti-Discrimination
HB 351 by Rep. Jordan

Bans the use of non-driving rate setting factors like education level, employment status, trade, business, occupation, profession, or credit information.

Supplemental Pay for First Responders
HB 678 by Rep. Brown

Increases the state supplemental pay for fire fighters, police officers, constables, and justices of the peace.    

Louisiana Postsecondary Inclusive Education Fund & Postsecondary Inclusive Education Advisory Council
HB 192 by Sen. Boudreaux

Establishes the Louisiana Postsecondary Inclusive Education Fund and the Postsecondary Inclusive Education Advisory Council for the purpose of funding federally approved comprehensive inclusive postsecondary education programs at public postsecondary education institutions.

Post-Disaster Tenant Protections 
HB 160 by Rep. Landry

Strengthens tenant protections after a federally declared disaster. Ensures that tenant absence from a property cannot be used as evidence of abandonment for 30 days after a federal disaster declaration. Also proposes a penalty for landlords who wrongfully evict and allows tenants to bring an action to stop a wrongful eviction during that 30-day period without having to pay court security bonds.

Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts Review
HB 744 by Rep. Gaines

Establishes a procedure for review of non-unanimous jury verdicts.

Independent Redistricting Committee
HB 562 by Rep. Glover

Constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission to assist the Louisiana Legislature in the redistricting process.

POST Certification
SB 182 by Sen. Fields

Expands definition of malfeasance in office to include intentional deprivation of constitutional rights and mandates revocation of POST certification in cases where officers are found to have deprived individuals of their constitutional rights or when officers have been terminated for unauthorized use of force.

Pay Transparency
SB 450 by Sen. Jackson

Bans pre-employment questions regarding salary history and protect employees who disclose or discuss their current wages from retaliation from employers.