My fellow Louisianans –

Our state is currently experiencing a historic flooding event that is breaking every record. 

This event is ongoing, it is not over. Even if the sun has come out in your area, we do not know when the floodwaters will recede, and they will continue to rise in some areas.

As we continue to respond to this disaster, keep in mind:

  • This is not the time to let our guards down. We need to keep people off the streets as much as possible – do not go out sightseeing.

  • If you need to be evacuated from your location and are unable to get out on your own, call 911 or your local law enforcement.

  • If you have evacuated and need a place to go, check this list of shelters to find one near you. The list is updated as soon as new information is received and confirmed.

  • If you need help being connected to resources, you can call the governor’s office at (225) 342-7015.

  • Follow the governor's office on Facebook and Twitter for updated information as it's available.

We are doing our best to get as much information as possible out to the citizens of our state. Your safety is our #1 priority. 

Many of you are wondering about federal aid and FEMA. FEMA is on the ground and ready to assist if all state resources are exhausted. As of yesterday, there is a federal disaster declaration for the following parishes:

  • East Baton Rouge
  • Livingston
  • St. Helena
  • Tangipahoa

The request I made to the federal government included all parishes affected by the flooding, and I fully expect more parishes to be added on a rolling basis. I am confident that every available state and federal resource will be brought to bear for all those in need.

Anyone who has been impacted by this storm should register damages sustained, even if they do not live in these four initial parishes. All registered damage claims in parishes added at a later time will be processed as those parishes are added. We will keep you updated as more parishes are added to the federal declaration.

If you are are in a parish currently included in the federal disaster declaration, you can register with FEMA at or by calling 1-800-621-3362. If your parish is not yet included in the federal declaration, you must register by calling 1-800-621-3362.

In the meantime, the state is still focused on response and rescue.

I ask for your prayers and support in this trying time, and I assure you that we are doing everything we can for our citizens.

God bless,

Gov. John Bel Edwards