ACT 1 - HB 185: Establishes the Louisiana Military Medics and Corpsmen Pilot Program 

ACT 2 - HB 30: Creates the "Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders" specialty license plate 

ACT 3 - HB 476: Modifies the allocation of funding for the Support Our Troops special prestige license plate 

ACT 4 – HB 16: Authorizes the governing authority of the town of Jonesboro to levy and collect a hotel occupancy tax

ACT 5 – HB 24: Provides relative to the West Baton Rouge Parish Tourist Commission

ACT 6 – HB 25: Provides relative to group insurance benefits of the Madison Parish Sheriff's Office

ACT 7 – HB 75: Provides with respect to copies of death certificates

ACT 8 – HB 106: Provides for group insurance benefits for the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office

ACT 9 – HB 233: Provides relative to filing requirements for surplus lines insurers

ACT 10 – HB 289: Requires risk-bearing entities to provide certain contact information to the commissioner of insurance

ACT 11 – HB 290: Provides relative to appraisal management company license applications and renewals

ACT 12 – HB 299: Provides relative to the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise Commission

ACT 13 – HB 378: Provides relative to the purchase of specialty firefighting training trailers

ACT 14 – HB 480: Provides for the approval of independent review organizations

ACT 15 – HB 4: Provides relative to the reemployment of retired school nurses in positions covered by the Teachers' Retirement System of La.

ACT 16 – HB 5: Provides for a mayor's court in the village of Athens 

ACT 17 – HB 9:  Provides relative to earnable compensation in the Firefighters' Retirement System 

ACT 19 – HB 11: Provides relative to Back-DROP benefits of the Assessors' Retirement Fund

ACT 20 – HB 12: Provides relative to compensation for members of the Livingston Parish planning commission for attending meetings 

ACT 21 – HB 21: Provides relative to irrevocability of optional beneficiary designation

ACT 22 – HB 22: Provides relative to retirement options in the Firefighters' Retirement System

ACT 23 – HB 32: Provides relative to the board of trustees of the Municipal Employees' Retirement System of La.

ACT 24 – HB 35: Provides relative to the offset of disability retirement benefits of members of the Firefighters' Retirement System based on receipt of workers' compensation benefits

ACT 25 – HB 38: Provides relative to the authority of the board of trustees of the District Attorneys' Retirement System

ACT 26 – HB 62:  Provides relative to group insurance premiums for retirees of the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office

ACT 27 – HB 72: Provides relative to group insurance premiums of the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office and distributions to the Plaquemines Parish Retired Employees' Insurance Fund

ACT 29 – HB 89: Allows employees of insurance companies that are not licensed claims adjusters to adjust certain losses that do not exceed five hundred dollars

ACT 30 – HB 90: Provides relative to donations received by public servants for the purposes of disaster aid or relief to provide aid or to offset losses resulting from a gubernatorially declared disaster or emergency 

ACT 31 – HB 107: Provides relative to group insurance expenses of the clerk of court in Terrebonne Parish

ACT 32 – HB 155: Adds the House and Governmental Affairs Committee as an entity eligible to receive criminal history record information 

ACT 33 – HB 159: Requires certain mental health providers to be licensed under the Behavioral Health Services Provider Licensing Law 

ACT 34 – HB 165:  Provides for identification of dental benefit plan coverage 

ACT 35 – HB 188: Provides for review of fees charged for external review 

ACT 36 – HB 190: Provides relative to the sheriff's statement indicating the amount of time a defendant has spent in custody prior to conviction

ACT 37 – HB 212: Provides relative to disability benefits of Louisiana National Guardsmen 

ACT 39 – HB 232:  Provides relative to the mislabeling of fresh fruits and vegetables

ACT 40 – HB 250: Authorizes local needle exchange programs 

ACT 41 – HB 251: Provides relative to the declaration of abandoned animals after a declared emergency 

ACT 42 – SB 15:  Repeals provision that prohibits a commissioner of the St. Tammany Levee, Drainage and Conservation District, whose term is expired, from continuing to serve or vote

ACT 43 – SB 20: Provides relative to meetings, election of officers, and per diem for members of the Greater Baton Rouge Port Commission

ACT 44 – SB 71:Provides relative to TOPS award amounts

ACT 45 – SB 107: Provides licensing exception for specialty vehicle dealers who manufacture armored personnel carriers for sale to law enforcement agencies and modifies certain requirements regarding sales or offers to sell motor vehicles directly to a consumer

ACT 46 – SB 127: Prohibits certain coverings and devices from obstructing a license plate

ACT 47 – SB 4:Provides relative to the registration of investment adviser representatives

ACT 49 – SB 104: Provides relative to bid procedures for contractors

ACT 50 – SB 108: Provides relative to licensing and registration of persons engaged in real estate activity

ACT 51 – SB 112: Provides relative to the execution of performance based energy efficiency contracts

ACT 52 – HB 252: Provides relative to animal health and food safety for commercial feeds

ACT 53 – HB 286:Provides for the payment of restitution to the Crime Victims Reparations Fund in certain cases

ACT 54 – HB 295: Provides relative to the forms of payment a video draw poker device accepts

ACT 55 – HB 297: Provides relative to membership on the Sweet Potato Advertising and Development Commission

ACT 56 – HB 298: Decreases the amount of college credit required for certification and licensing of agricultural consultants

ACT 57 – HB 310: Provides for revisions to the Business Corporations Act

ACT 59 – HB 317: Provides for the acceptance of a child surrendered for adoption by the Department of Children and Family Services

ACT 60 – HB 320: Provides relative to the designation of a third party administrator of the Louisiana Military Family Assistance Board

ACT 61 – HB 392: Prohibits insurers from combining a higher classified public fire protection area with a lower classified public fire protection area for the purpose of determining insurance rates for both districts

ACT 62 – HB 400: Provides for certain form requirements imposed on financial institutions relative to the cancellation of mortgages

ACT 63 – HB 407:Provides for producer fees for individual and group health insurance policies

ACT 64 – HB 408: Provides for the change of insurance producer on record

ACT 65 – HB 431:  Amends provisions of law regarding co-operative marketing associations

ACT 66 – HB 493: Establishes a reinspection fee for facilities and establishments with sanitary code violations

ACT 67 – HB 566: Creates an individual income tax checkoff for the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association

ACT 69 – HB 593: Provides relative to the regulation of turtles

ACT 70 – HB 615: Provides relative to the release date of an inmate required to complete certain programs prior to release on parole

ACT 71 – HB 308: Allows the continued employment of a cadet or graduate of the state police training academy in the classified state police service under certain circumstances

ACT 72 – HB 111: Requires instruction in litter prevention and awareness for public school students in certain grades

ACT 73 – SB 58: Provides relative to the statewide human services districts and authorities

ACT 74 – SB 152: Provides relative to a needs accommodation designation on a driver's license or special identification card regarding mental health

ACT 75 – SB 147: Provides relative to the Louisiana National Guard

ACT 76 – SB 55: Provides relative to prescribers of controlled dangerous substances.

ACT 77 – HB 14: Provides relative to the naming of the Madisonville branch library in St. Tammany Parish.

ACT 79 – HB 27: Amends the definition of "household member" for purposes of assistance and protection from domestic abuse.

ACT 80 – HB 182: Provides relative to the Kenilworth Improvement District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 81 – HB 191:  Changes the name of the "Quail Unlimited" prestige license plate to the "Quail Forever" prestige license plate.

ACT 82 – HB 192: Provides for limitations on the prescribing of opioids.

ACT 83 – HB 200: Provides relative to the municipal police civil service system for the city of Mandeville. 

ACT 84 – HB 223: Provides relative to abuse among dating partners.

ACT 85 – HB 329: Provides relative to the Lake Barrington Subdivision Improvement District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 86 – HB 452: Makes requirement for in-service training relative to suicide prevention applicable to nonpublic and charter school teachers and other employees. 

ACT 87 – HB 487: Relative to fraudulent or fictitious identification credentials. 

ACT 88 – HB 490: Creates the Advisory Council on Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education.

ACT 89 – HB 499: Provides relative to the crime of stalking. 

ACT 90 – HB 509:  Provides relative to temporary restraining orders. 

ACT 91 – HB 524:  Provides relative to the stay of discovery in certain proceedings. 

ACT 92 – HB 540: Provides relative to the authority of the police chief in the city of Eunice. 

ACT 93 – HB 87: Provides relative to the classified police service in the city of Eunice. 

ACT 94 – HB 97: Provides relative to certification requirements for law enforcement officers investigating traffic fatalities. 

ACT 95 – HB 114: Provides relative to the sale and shipment of certain alcoholic beverages. 

ACT 96 – HB 129: Provides relative to small successions.

ACT 97 – HB 171:  Provides for technical corrections in Title 17 of the La. Revised Statutes. 

ACT 98 – HB 204:  Provides relative to the information provided to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections when offenders are sentenced to its custody. 

ACT 99 – HB 216: Provides relative to indigent defense services in certain city courts. 

ACT 100 – HB 225:  Provides relative to certain substances in the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law. 

ACT 101 – HB 276:  Provides relative to law enforcement officers while under officer-involved incident investigations.

ACT 102 – HB 328:  Provides relative to extinction of rights relating to immovable property.

ACT 103 – HB 410: Provides relative to the quorum necessary for the Public Defender Board to transact business. 

ACT 104 – HB 485: Provides relative to the functions of jury commissions in certain parishes. 

ACT 105 – SB 9: Provides relative to servitudes of natural drainage. 

ACT 106 – SB 14: Amends the definition of "auto-injector" for purposes of emergency medical services.

ACT 107 – SB 28: Provides relative to facilities providing housing to individuals referred by judicial agencies.

ACT 108 – SB 70: Makes misbranding or adulteration of drugs under certain circumstances a felony.

ACT 109 – SB 77: Allows the use of gill nets for taking of shad as bait fish with certain limitations.

ACT 110 – SB 94: Designates portions of certain state highways.

ACT 111 – SB 119: Authorizes a surface lease between Williams, Inc. and the state land office.

ACT 112 – SB 230: Removes certain museums from the jurisdiction of the Department of State.

ACT 112 – SB 230: Removes certain museums from the jurisdiction of the Department of State.

ACT 113 – HB 7: Provides for the transfer of certain surplus witness fee funds to the criminal court fund of Washington Parish

ACT 114 – HB 10: Provides relative to the judicial expense fund for the Thirty-Fifth Judicial District

ACT 115 – HB 17: Provides relative to the release of certain account information for the estate of a decedent

ACT 116 – HB 18: Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 1 in Shreveport as the "Deacon Cleophus Banks, Jr. Memorial Highway"

ACT 117 – HB 19: Allows for the imposition of community service as a possible penalty for a violation of any parish ordinance

ACT 118 – HB 28: Creates the "Acadiana High School" special prestige license plate

ACT 119 – HB 29: Designates a portion of Highway 171 in Anacoco, La., as the "Sergeant James Edward Martin Memorial Highway" 

ACT 120 – HB 31: Provides relative to the reemployment of retired school psychologists in positions covered by the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana

ACT 121 – HB 39: Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 377 in Vernon Parish as the "Corporal Leonard Carroll Bond Memorial Highway" 

ACT 122 – HB 40: Designates portions of certain Louisiana Highways 

ACT 123 – HB 46: Provides relative to the personnel authority of the police chief in Amite City 

ACT 124 – HB 58: Provides that the water company for Tangipahoa Parish collect sewerage bills

ACT 125 – HB 65: Creates the "Sabine Pass Lighthouse" specialty license plate

ACT 126 – HB 66: Provides relative to transcript fees charged by court reporters in Terrebonne Parish

ACT 127 – HB 76: Increases the maximum hotel occupancy tax authorized to be levied by the West Feliciana Parish Tourist Commission

ACT 128 – HB 77: Provides with respect to penalties for the offense of littering 

ACT 129 – HB 84: Provides relative to an increase in fees charged by court reporters in the 27th Judicial District Court

ACT 130 – HB 88: Authorizes the St. John the Baptist Sheriff to name a law enforcement training facility in honor of retired St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff Lloyd B. Johnson 

ACT 131 – HB 94: Authorizes all district courts to establish reentry courts 

ACT 132 – HB 100: Designates a portion of La. Highway 1 within the city limits of Simmesport, Louisiana, as "Joe Simon Boulevard"

ACT 133 – HB 104: Provides for an increase in certain fees and costs in the Twenty-Fifth Judicial District Court

ACT 134 – HB 109: Provides relative to the St. Landry Parish central collection commission for sales and use taxes

ACT 135 – HB 120: Provides for fees in civil matters

ACT 136 – HB 130: Provides that economically disadvantaged students shall be included as a factor for purposes of teacher evaluations and requirements for enrollment of at-risk students in charter schools 

ACT 137 – HB 140: Requires reports to the assessor concerning deaths occurring in the state

ACT 138 – HB 142: Calls a special election on October 14, 2017, for submitting proposed constitutional amendments to the state's electors

ACT 139 – HB 146: Provides relative to the per diem paid to board members of Hospital Service District No. 1 of St. Landry Parish

ACT 140 – HB 147: Authorizes the governing authority of St. Bernard Parish to enact ordinances requiring property owners to remove deleterious growths and trash 

ACT 141 – HB 154: Authorizes the disclosure of autopsy-related information to the Department of Children and Family Services at no charge

ACT 142 – HB 158: Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in St. Landry Parish 

ACT 143 – HB 168: Requires reporting of certain information concerning persons with a felony conviction who are released from the custody or supervision of the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections

ACT 144 – HB 193: Designates the bridge on Louisiana Highway 2 over James Bayou as the "Hart's Ferry Bridge"

ACT 145 – HB 230: Provides for the definition of aviation gasoline

ACT 146 – HB 253: Revises terminology referring to the deaf and hard of hearing 

ACT 147 – HB 268: Provides relative to criminal history records checks for agencies with access to federal tax information, criminal history record information, or state issued REAL ID information

ACT 148 – HB 280: Provides relative to birth certificates in certain cases of adoption

ACT 149 – HB 291: Provides relative to the per diem paid to members of the board of commissioners of the Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Service District