BATON ROUGE - Today, Governor John Bel Edwards announced his appointments to the Task Force on Transportation Infrastructure Investment.

“As the national interstate system turns 60 years old and our entire infrastructure system continues to age, it’s painfully obvious that something needs to be done to maintain and upgrade the state’s transportation system,” Gov. Edwards said. “This task force is geographically diverse and offers a wide range of experience that extends beyond the traditional transportation industry. Connecting stakeholders across industry, advocates, and the public, this group of talented and experienced individuals will bring together the collective efforts of those who have championed infrastructure in this state over the years.”

The task force will have six months to review the state’s transportation plans and reports and make recommendations on how to best invest in critical infrastructure opportunities throughout the state. The duties of the task force include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Research, identify, and make specific actionable recommendations for achieving sufficient increased levels of recurring funding to address the transportation backlog in highway and bridge maintenance needs in Louisiana.
  • Research, identify, and make specific actionable recommendations to be introduced in 2017 to fund a robust, multimodal construction program to address immediate needs that preserve the state’s investments in infrastructure and build “megaprojects” included in the Louisiana Statewide Transportation Plan, Priority A and Priority B.

“This task force will be researching, identifying and making recommendations for achieving increased levels of recurring funding to address the transportation backlog,” said Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D., Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. “These recommendations will be ready to be introduced for legislation in 2017, and represent sustainable short-term and long-term funding plans. All modes of transportation will be impacted; current and future needs will be addressed, as will funding measures, to begin to address mega projects throughout the state.”

The task force members appointed are:

  • Shawn D. Wilson, Ph.D.: Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Co-Chair.
  • Robert Travis Scott: President of Louisiana Public Affairs Research Council and Statewide Transportation Plan Committee Member.
  • Reldon Owens: Board member of Blueprint Louisiana.
  • Ken Naquin: CEO of the Louisiana Association of General Contractors and former member of the Legislature’s 2014 Transportation Funding Task Force.
  • Ronnie Harris: Executive Director of the Louisiana Municipal Association and former Gretna Mayor.
  • Roland Dartez: Executive Director of the Police Jury Association.
  • Rep. Kenny Havard: Chairman of the Louisiana House Committee on Transportation.
  • Sen. Page Cortez: Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.
  • Taylor Barras: Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • John Alario: President of the Louisiana Senate.
  • Jay Dardenne: Commissioner of the Division of Administration.
  • Kim Robinson: Secretary of the Department of Revenue.

Three business representatives designated by the state’s eight regional economic development organizations:

  • Ann Trappey: Chairman of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber board.
  • Jared Brossett: New Orleans City Councilman Transportation & Airport Chair and former member of the Louisiana House of Representatives.
  • Wyly Gilfoil: Port Executive Director.

One position to be determined by the Louisiana Chemical Association:

  • Tom Yura: Chairman of the Louisiana Chemical Association.

Two at-large members appointed by the Governor:

  • Greg Morrison: Gov. John Bel Edwards Transportation Transition Committee Chair and Commercial Trucking Executive.
  • Gen. John Basilica: Former DOTD Undersecretary, member of the Legislature’s 2014 Transportation Funding Task Force, member of Good Roads of Louisiana, and 33 year veteran of the Louisiana National Guard. 

Click here to read the executive order establishing the Governor’s Task Force on Transportation Infrastructure Investment.