Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 443 – HB 5 Provides relative to the interruption of prescription

ACT 444 – HB 63 Designates a portion of United States Highway 61 as the "Deputy Brandon Nielsen and Deputy Jeremy Triche Memorial Highway"

ACT 445 – HB 64 Designates portions of certain Louisiana Highways.

ACT 446 – HB 71 Provide for deposits into the Tangipahoa Parish Tourist Commission Fund and the Tangipahoa Parish Economic Development Fund.

ACT 447 – HB 83 Provides relative to court costs in the 15th JDC.

ACT 448 – HB 116 Authorizes and directs the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to promulgate rules and guidelines for their contracting authorities.

ACT 449 – HB 135 Provides relative to application fees for alcoholic beverage permits.

ACT 450 – HB 148 Provides for implementation of the zero suicide initiative and a state suicide prevention plan.

ACT 451 – HB 152 Provides with respect to the exclusion or ejection of certain persons from gaming establishments.

ACT 452 – HB 172 Provides relative to the cancellation of inferior privileges, liens, and mortgages.

ACT 453 – HB 187 Provides relative to the use of restraints on juveniles during court proceedings.

ACT 454 – HB 189 Provides for processes, including public comment, to identify agency rules that may be contrary to law, outdated, unnecessary, overly complex, or burdensome.

ACT 455 – HB 199 Creates Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K) Task Force to develop framework for assessing children who are deaf or hard of hearing to determine language skills and ensure kindergarten readiness.

ACT 456 – HB 208 Revises provisions relative to the construction management at risk project delivery method for certain public contracts.

ACT 457 – HB 315 Increases the fees for city marshals and constables for certain services.

ACT 458 – HB 488 Provides relative to the mandatory reporting of certain crimes of sexual abuse of a minor.

ACT 459 – HB 670 Provides relative to school choice.

ACT 460 – HB 678 Designates a roadway as the "Francis E. 'Hank' Lauricella Memorial Road".

ACT 461 – HB 690 Provides for coverage for subsequent preventive tests for certain individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.

ACT 462 – HB 706 Relative to possession limits of filleted red drum, spotted sea trout, or Southern flounder on board a vessel while on the water.

ACT 463 – HB 724 Provides an exception to certain provisions of the ethics code to allow a licensed physician to perform the duties of certain positions at the Louisiana Department of Health and to practice medicine outside of the performance of such duties .

ACT 464 – HB 769 Increases penalties for the crime of introducing, possessing, or sending contraband into or from a penal institution.

ACT 465 – HB 819 Authorizes additional methods for submission of certain public contracts.             

ACT 466 – SB 38 Provides relative to eyewitness identifications.

ACT 467 – SB 102 Provides relative to disposition of children after adjudication of certain felony-grade delinquent acts.

ACT 468 – SB 181 Prohibits abortions later than fifteen weeks after conception.

ACT 469 – SB 316 Provides relative to riverboat gaming.

ACT 470 – SB 499 Provides that the legislative auditor shall make a best practices list available to local auditees.

ACT 471 – SB 502 Provides relative to prescription for tuition fees.

ACT 472 – SB 509 Reduces the membership of the board of commissioners for the University Neighborhood Security and Improvement District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 473 – SB 520 Authorizes the secretary of the Department of Transportation and Development to transfer certain state property in Tangipahoa Parish and also certain property in St. Martin Parish.

ACT 474 – SB 524 Requires the Sabine River Authority to obtain approval of the Water Resources Commission prior to the sale of water outside the state.

ACT 475 – SB 528 Provides relative to physician assistants.

ACT 476 – SB 546  Provides relative to terms of the members of the board of commissioners of mosquito abatement districts.

ACT 477 – SB 552 Relative to the Lafourche Parish Hotel occupancy tax.

ACT 478 – SB 562 Provides relative to virtual schools.

ACT 479 – SB 563 Provides relative to the penalty for cruelty to a juvenile.

ACT 480 – SB 25 Provides relative to prohibited conduct by state employees and agencies.

ACT 481 – SB 91 Authorizes exemplary damages in civil actions for death from hazing.

ACT 482 – SB 108 Provides relative to the Medicaid managed care annual report.

ACT 483 – SB 130 Provides relative to contracts for Medicaid pharmacy benefit management services.

ACT 484 – SB 208 Provides relative to bail after conviction.

ACT 485 – SB 236 Creates the crime of sexual abuse of an animal.

ACT 486 – SB 312 Revises procedure regarding meetings to propose or renew taxes and to call an election.

ACT 487 – SB 469  Provides relative to towable equipment.

ACT 488 – SB 496  Creates the Capital Area Road and Bridge District.

ACT 489 – SB 507 Provides relative to Medicaid managed care organizations.

ACT 490 - SB 557 Authorizes levee districts to provide extra compensation to certain levee district police officers.

ACT 491 – SB 184  Provides relative to video poker.

ACT 492 – HB 14   Provides relative to the reemployment of retired interpreters, educational transliterators, and certified educators of the hearing impaired in positions covered by the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana.

ACT 493 – HB 365  Provides relative to a unanimous jury in felony cases.

ACT 494 – HB 460  Provides that mammography examinations may be conducted through digital tomosynthesis.

ACT 495 – HB 474 Requires additional training for peace officers.

ACT 496 – HB 627 Authorizes the recommendation of medical marijuana for treating certain health conditions of persons with autism.

ACT 497 – HB 818 Creates the Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies Advisory Council.

ACT 498 – HB 891  Provides relative to the prohibition on public funding for entities that perform abortions.

ACT 499 – HB 35   Amends penalties for gross littering.

ACT 500 – HB 47 Extends cooperative endeavor agreements for use of surface waters.

ACT 501 – HB 139 Provides an exception with respect to certain telephonic solicitations during a declared state of emergency.

ACT 502 – HB 221 Provides relative to the requirements for submission of DNA samples by peace officers.

ACT 503 – HB 292 Provides relative to the use of a facility dog by a witness during a court proceeding.

ACT 504 – HB 312 Prohibits the issuance of motion picture tax credits for certain types of productions.

ACT 505 – HB 401  Provides relative to sheriffs' retiree health benefits.

ACT 506 – HB 427  Provides relative to the accreditation bodies that the Department of Public Safety and Corrections may use to issue permits to testing laboratories.

ACT 507 – HB 495 Provides relative to concealed carry of firearms for qualified retired law enforcement officers.

ACT 508 – HB 537 Provides relative to persons participating in certain specialty court programs.

ACT 509 – HB 688 Correct statutory references for the litter program from the Department of Environmental Quality to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

ACT 510 – HB 806 Provides for a special taxing district in certain parishes to fund construction and operation of courtroom and related facilities.

ACT 511 – HB 840 Provides relative to the application for an occupational license.

ACT 512 – HB 270 Exempts specified personally identifying information related to reports of violations of student codes of conduct or other policies intended for the safety of students or employees of postsecondary education institutions from the Public Records Law.

ACT 513 – HB 684 Provides relative to tax incentives granted by local governments for donations to local governments.