Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 397 – SB 4 Provides for the independence of state and statewide retirement systems' actuaries.

ACT 398 – SB 8 Provides for the classification of membership.

ACT 399 – SB 13 Provides for the Public Retirement Systems' Actuarial Committee.

ACT 400 – SB 46 Provides relative to the master plan for postsecondary education.

ACT 401 – SB 50 Adds a person's telephone number when used for "caller ID spoofing" to the definition of "personal identifying information" for purposes of the crime of identity theft.

ACT 402 – SB 66 Provides relative to admission to treatment facility for mental illness pursuant to emergency certificate.

ACT 403 – SB 68 Provides relative to careless operation of a motor vehicle during flood conditions.

ACT 404 – SB 69 Provides for the in forma pauperis filing of expungements.

ACT 405 – SB 75 Provides relative to the prescription monitoring program.

ACT 406 – SB 93 Requires that notice of intent and proposition for ad valorem taxes levied for volunteer fire departments indicate that a portion of tax proceeds will be paid to retirement systems.

ACT 407 – SB 105 Provides that a person cannot give consent to sexual conduct while in police custody.

ACT 408 – SB 168 Exempts certain Department of Agriculture and Forestry records from the Public Records Law.

ACT 409 – SB 207 Extends and provides for the Louisiana Obesity Prevention and Management Commission.

ACT 410 – SB 224 Requires instruction and display of the national motto "In God We Trust" in public schools.

ACT 411 – SB 254 Require BESE to establish criteria whereby a teacher may be issued a dyslexia practitioner or dyslexia therapist ancillary certificate.

ACT 412 – SB 291 Provides relative to family violence and domestic abuse as factors to consider in determining visitation and custody.

ACT 413 – SB 401 Creates a commission to study the feasibility of consolidating the Washington Parish and Bogalusa City school systems.

ACT 414 – SB 402 Clarifies that both volunteer and paid security guards may serve churches or houses of worship and provides for tactical training requirements for certain concealed handgun permittees.

ACT 415 – SB 441 Provides penalties for reckless operation of certain all-terrain vehicles on public roadways.

ACT 416 – SB 466 Provides relative to security deposits for residential leases.

ACT 417 – SB 471 Provides relative to the functions of jury commissions in Caldwell Parish.

ACT 418 – SB 484 Provides relative to the enforcement of a regulation, decision, or order of the Board of Ethics.

ACT 419 – SB 497 Authorizes the expropriation of property including rights-of-way for use in certain projects in the city of Lafayette and parish of Lafayette.

ACT 420 – SB 518 Provides for the collection of proceeds of fees from the University Neighborhood Security and Improvement District.

ACT 421 – SB 539 Provides relative to meetings of the Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation District.

ACT 422 – SB 543 Provides relative to court costs for small successions.

ACT 423 – SB 29 Provides relative to a single uniform prescription drug prior authorization form.

ACT 424 – HB 198 Provides relative to distribution of funding from the Traumatic Head and Spinal Cord Injury Trust Fund.

ACT 425 – HB 211 Provides relative to certain records of the registrar of voters.

ACT 426 – HB 261 Provides relative to the use of telecommunications devices as a form of harassment.

ACT 427 – HB 275 Prohibits the intentional exposure to HIV.

ACT 428 – HB 299 Provides relative to servicing of video draw poker devices.

ACT 429 – HB 393 Provides for the issuance and administration of market agency and livestock dealer permits.

ACT 430 – HB 411 Exempts the Tickfaw River and Blind River from certain restrictions of the Natural and Scenic Rivers Program.

ACT 431 – HB 440 Expands DPS&C's substance abuse probation program to include treatment for mental health issues.

ACT 432 – HB 447 Re-creates the Department of Justice and provides relative to its structure.

ACT 433 – HB 469 Provides relative to jurisdiction for sexual assault protection order cases.

ACT 434 – HB 503 Protects certain individuals from financial exploitation.

ACT 435 – HB 514 Provides relative to the La. Used Motor Vehicle Commission.

ACT 436 – HB 557 Creates and provides for the Advisory Board of the La. State Archives within the Dept. of State.

ACT 437 – HB 614 Provides relative to the Floodplain Evaluation and Management Commission.

ACT 438 – HB 677 Provides public defenders the option to enter the parish government's health care system.

ACT 439 – HB 717 Provides for the membership of certain museum boards.

ACT 440 – HB 730 Adopts the Interstate Corrections Compact in Louisiana.

ACT 441 – HB 767 Extends the authorization for ready-mixed concrete trucks to exceed the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight, under certain circumstances, until 2020.

ACT 442 – HB 877 Modifies the documentation requirements for resale and reassignment of vehicles.

Gov. Edwards vetoed the following bill:

SB 462 would jeopardize federal funding available to local governments for affordable housing programs.