Today, Gov. John Bel Edward released the following statement:

“We have a very short window left to fix the fiscal cliff and fund our critical priorities. Right now, the Senate is waiting on bills to come from the House and, with the clock ticking, any days not spent solving this crisis is simply unacceptable to the people of Louisiana. I am here and ready to work, and I’d hoped that the House would do the same. While I’m disappointed that we haven’t made more progress to close the budget gap, the fact that a majority of both the Republican and Democratic caucus members supported renewing a portion of the expiring revenue gives me hope that we can come to an agreement very soon. We have to. The people of Louisiana are demanding that we act in a bipartisan way that will secure funding for higher education, health care, our medical schools, TOPS, Go Grants, and a long list of critical priorities. My plan remains on the table to adequately fund all of these priorities and would still reduce the tax burden on the people of Louisiana by $400 million.”