BATON ROUGE - Today, the Transition Committee on Higher Education released its final report to Governor John Bel Edwards. The committee met over three weeks to review and make recommendations related to the state of higher education in Louisiana, focusing on ways to improve attainment and college affordability while strengthening postsecondary outcomes and accountability.

"We cannot continue to chip away at higher education and expect to train a workforce for our growing economy," said Gov. Edwards. "The current funding structure is unsustainable for our institutions of higher learning, but more importantly, for our young adults who are being priced out of earning a higher education. I am eager to review the recommendations brought by this committee and appreciate their dedication to saving higher education in Louisiana."

“For higher education in Louisiana, emerging from the largest disinvestment in the country to a place of financial stability and improved affordability is a critical first step. Ultimately, we must invest more and expect more in order to improve educational attainment for all citizens in our state,” said committee chair Dr. Kim Hunter Reed.

The final report is available by clicking here.