Scientists around the world agree that rising global temperatures pose increased risks to human health and security, livelihoods, food security, the water supply, economic growth and natural systems. For Louisiana these impacts are most severely manifested in the loss of coastal wetlands from sea level rise, increased flooding from tropical and intense rainfall events, and extreme heat. Each of these environmental and health stressors are and will increasingly have negative impacts on families, communities, and regions around our state with disproportionate impacts on those with the fewest resources. 

Therefore, to improve our resilience, sustain our coast, and help avoid the worst impacts of climate change, Governor John Bel Edwards established the Climate Initiatives Task Force to proactively work to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving up global temperatures, increasing sea level and other risks that threaten our health and safety, quality of life, economic growth, and vital habitats and ecosystems. 

Mission & Approach

The Climate Initiatives Task Force will investigate and make recommendations for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions originating in Louisiana to achieve the stated greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals in order to improve the health and welfare of the people of Louisiana and advance Louisiana’s economic and energy profile. 

The Task Force will arrive at strategies and recommendations to reduce emissions through an inclusive, balanced approach that recognizes there are differing opinions on the best ways to reduce the worst impacts of climate change while preserving economic competitiveness. Louisiana will utilize the best available science to guide decisions and call on expertise from state government, colleges and universities, the private sector, and civil society to help inform and steer policy development.  

GHG Emissions Reduction Goals 

  • By 2025, reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28% of 2005 levels; 
  • By 2030, reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by 40-50% of 2005 levels; and 
  • By 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero; 

Public Call for Emission Reduction Action Proposals

The Louisiana Climate Initiatives Task Force aims to identify action items for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors of the Louisiana economy and society that will be included in the Task Force’s Final Climate Report. To develop comprehensive actions that reflect the needs and expertise of all Louisianans, we crafted an Action Template to solicit input from the public and members of the Climate Initiative groups from February 24, 2021, through April 30, 2021. We received over 165 submissions in this timeframe, which can all be found in the PDF below. A big thank you to our engaged Climate Initiative members and members of the public for making this a huge success.

Action Submissions

Public Comment Period for a Revised Draft Partial Final Report and a Draft Strategy & Action Portfolio

We released a first Draft Partial Final Report for public comment in the spring of 2021, which laid out the background and context for reducing GHG emissions in Louisiana. Based on public comment from the spring, we have revised and are releasing an updated draft of this document for another round of public comment today. Alongside this revised Draft Partial Report, we are publishing a first draft of the strategies and actions to be considered in reducing GHG emissions in Louisiana, called the “DRAFT Strategy & Action Portfolio,” for public comment as well. Both documents will continue to evolve over the coming months and take the shape of the draft Climate Action Plan later this fall. The documents are hyperlinked below. Public comments should be sent to climate@la.gov. This public comment period opens August 23 and will close at midnight CST on October 8.

REVISED Draft Partial Final Report 

DRAFT Strategy and Action Portfolio 

Meeting Information

Upcoming Meetings:

The public comment period for the Draft Partial Final Report closed on April 30, 2021. Thank you to all who submitted comments; they have been received and are under review.

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Public Comment and Notices

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