Climate Initiatives Task Force: Fundamental Objectives

Fundamental objectives are the essential goals of this effort and serve to guide the development and evaluation of actions and strategies. The objectives below represent strongly held values and helped to identify co-benefits of climate mitigation action and potential negative consequences of the actions considered in this plan. The fundamental objectives (bulleted list) are grouped here by theme.

Reducing Net GHG Emissions

  • Minimize net GHG emissions.

Improving Quality of Life for Residents and Communities

  • Maximize quality of and access to essential goods, services, and infrastructure for residents.
  • Maximize positive public health outcomes and public safety.
  • Maximize the preservation of cultural heritage.

Creating a More Equitable Society

  • Reduce socioeconomic, demographic, and geographic disparities in future opportunities and outcomes.
  • Maximize reduction and mitigation of historic and structural inequities and their impacts for underserved and marginalized communities, including communities of color and Indigenous peoples.
  • Maximize engagement with and participation of communities in decision-making and implementation.

Managing for Short- and Long-Term Success

  • Maximize confidence of the public and stakeholders in the outcome of emissions-reduction strategies to increase support for their implementation.
  • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of emissions-reduction strategies.
  • Maximize timely implementation of emissions-reduction strategies.
  • Maximize the durability of emissions-reduction strategies in an uncertain future.

Strengthening the Economy and Workforce

  • Maximize employment, economic opportunity, and support for Louisiana workers.
  • Maximize economic growth.

Conserving Natural Resources and Protecting the Environment

  • Maximize preservation of natural resources and ecosystem services.
  • Maximize environmental stewardship and support of healthy ecosystems.

Adapting to a Changing Climate

  • Increase resilience of the built and natural environment to climate change.
  • Increase the resilience of communities to climate change.