All persons in Louisiana are protected against acts of unlawful discrimination by national and state laws. Anyone may file an official complaint with the Louisiana Commission on Human Rights (LCHR). There is no fee for this service.

Steps for Filing a Complaint of Discrimination

  • Submit a claim in one of the following ways:


    By Mail: 
    Office of the Governor
    Louisiana Commission on Human Rights
    P.O. Box 94094
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804

    In Person:
    1001 N. 23rd Street
    Baton Rouge, LA 70802

    Click here.

  • LCHR will screen your claim to determine if it meets guidelines.

  • If your claim meets guidelines, LCHR will send you an acceptance letter.

  • If you return the form in the specified time, an LCHR intake officer will review all documents to determine eligibility. If eligibility is approved, you will be assigned an investigator for merit determination and recommendation.

  • When a determination is established, a copy of the determination will be submitted to you and to the respondent. In cases of employment discrimination, LCHR will send a copy of the determination to the EEOC.

  • Remedies are available for employment discrimination may include back pay, promotion, front pay, reinstatement and reasonable accommodations.

  • If LCHR finds “no violation of statue” and subsequent review by the EEOC, a "right to sue" will be issued. 



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