Director of Community Programs
Dr. Bruce Parker

Special Coordinator to the Deputy Chief of Staff of Programs and Planning
Sarah Parker

Director of the Commission on Human Rights
Leah Raby, Ph.D.

Executive Assistant for the Commission on Human Rights
Desha Gay

Administrative Assistant for the Commission on Human Rights
Christa Davis

Director of Disability Affairs
Bambi Polotzola

Assistant Director of Disability Affairs
Jamar Ennis

Coordinator for the Office of Disability Affairs

April Dunn

Director of the Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)

Jessica Lewis


Director of the State Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Steps 
Melanie Washington

Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion / Director of Drug Policy
Chaunda Allen Mitchell, Ph.D.

Director of Indian Affairs
Pat Arnould

Director of Louisiana Youth for Excellence (LYFE)
Shirley Johnson

LYFE Program Manager/Outreach Coordinator
Ashle Young

Director of the Children's Cabinet

Dana Hunter, Ph.D.

Director of the Louisiana Children's Trust Fund
Katina Semien

Assistant to the Children's Trust Fund
Michele Rabalais

Director of Women's Policy
Amanda Brunson

Community Outreach Specialist
Tewabetch Negatu 

Outreach Specialist
Evan Alvarez

Special Assistant
Jolan Jolivette

Project Director, Louisiana Partnership for Success Grant
Kristy Miller