Request for Applications Announcement:
Louisiana Youth For Excellence (LYFE)
Positive Youth Development Grant (PYDG)

EXTENDED DUE DATE: December 1, 2017

Dear community partners,

In an effort to provide additional clarification regarding certain terms of the Positive Youth Development Grant (PYDG), LYFE has made some amendments to the original Request For Application (RFA). Below you will find an enumerated list of these amendments. Please note that wherever there is any conflict between the attached amended version and the original RFA, the provisions of the amended RFA will be construed accordingly.

If your organization has already submitted your application, please make note of these amendments and make any appropriate adjustments to your application. Please submit your amended application by the December 1, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. CST deadline.


  • PAGE 5: The list of Prohibited Costs has been updated. Some examples of permissible costs have been provided.
  • PAGES 6 & 7:  The LYFE Positive Youth Development Grant deadline has been extended to December 1, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. CST.
  • PAGE 7: The dates relative to the Review Process, Award Notification, Grant Agreement Signing Deadline, and Grant Period under The Grant Timeline has been updated.
  • PAGES 7& 8: The dates relative to the Selection Process have been updated.
  • PAGE 13: The applicant’s budget must cover the grant period of August 2017 through July 2018. Also, the budget allowance for direct administrative costs has been clarified.

Please feel free to distribute this amended version of our PYDG RFA to any colleagues whom you believe may take interest in applying.

Thank you again for your attention to this matter. LYFE is more than happy to be of assistance to you in this RFA process. Please submit any questions relative to this funding opportunity to Sarah Parker at

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