Baton Rouge, LA – Today, the Louisiana Legislature ended the 2024 Regular Session with major wins delivered to the people who live, work, and visit our State. The Governor received approval on all of his priority bills that address the insurance crisis, public safety, our education system, the economy, health care, and more. Watch Governor Landry’s message by clicking here

Governor Landry Delivers End of Session Message
“Since January, our Administration has been working diligently to create a government in Louisiana that is as good as her people. I am proud to say we have delivered on our promises this session—a promise of a safer, healthier, and more prosperous state. I want to thank the entire Legislature for their hard work. Our work throughout this session has proven that failure is no longer an option in the State of Louisiana,” said Governor Jeff Landry
Major Wins to be Enacted by Governor Landry:
HB 315: Extends prescription on tort actions.
HB 120: Repeals the sunset on the Louisiana fortified homes program.
HB 611: Phases out the 3-year-rule, allowing more competition in the insurance market.
SB 295: Provides an open invitation for insurance companies to do business in Louisiana.
SB 323: Streamlines the insurance claim process.
Public Safety
HB 720: Adds the crime of distribution of fentanyl where the fentanyl or packaging of the fentanyl is designed to resemble branded prescription medication or its generic equivalent.
SB 377: Prohibits the possession or concealed carrying of a firearm by any person who was adjudicated at age 15 or 16 of a felony-grade delinquent act, until that person turns 22 years old or has been accepted into the United States Military or Louisiana National Guard. Similar legislation was previously vetoed by John Bel Edwards.
SB 105: Increases the penalty for the crime of attempted possession of a firearm by a felon.
HB 208: Increases penalties for strangulation in domestic violence cases.
HB 541HB 138, and HB 12: Expands the crime of nonconsensual disclosure of a private image to include when an identifiable victim is engaged in a “sexual performance” and includes images stolen from someone’s phone. 
HB 451: Provides for the crime of retail theft. Similar legislation was previously vetoed by John Bel Edwards.
HB 173: Creates the crime of approaching a police officer lawfully engaged in duty. Similar legislation was previously vetoed by John Bel Edwards.
HB 268: Maintains the confidentiality of the First Family’s security details and of public employees’ personal information.
SCR 21: Memorializes Congress to support the nation of Israel.
SB 184: Increases penalties for aggravated flight from an officer. 
SB 220: Allows impounding of vehicles used in drag racing.
HB 206: Provides mechanisms for district attorneys to seek release on supervised probation for dangerous but no longer mentally-ill insanity acquitees. 
SB 388: Creates crime of unlawful entry into Louisiana by illegal aliens.
HB 776: Updates and expands DWI law to include impairment by any drug or substance.
SB 431: Creates the Criminal Justice Priority Fund to review applications and provide priority funding for urgent criminal justice needs such as: new regional juvenile justice facilities, crime labs, upgrades and integration of criminal justice data systems, and repairs/upgrades to adult detention facilities.
SB 313: Creates the LA GATOR Education Scholarship Account program for parental choice in K-12 education.
HB 320: Repeals certain student instruction and teacher training requirements. 
HB 121: Requires parental approval for preferred pronouns to be used in the classroom. Similar legislation was previously vetoed by John Bel Edwards.
HB 46: Prohibits any mandate of the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of enrollment or attendance at any public or nonpublic school. Similar legislation was previously vetoed by John Bel Edwards.  
HB 122: Provides relative to discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools. Similar legislation was previously vetoed by John Bel Edwards.
HB 78: Authorizes initial proposals for charter schools with corporate partners to be made to the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education as Type 2 charter school proposals.
HB 267: Provides relative to numeracy education to students in kindergarten through third grade.
HB 244: Expands the purpose of the Steve Carter Literacy Program to include educational services in math.
HB 588: Provides relative to the membership of the Workforce Investment Council.
HR 281: Creates a study group to study K-12 education and submit a report by December 1.
HB 143: Authorizes the state superintendent to provide for a chief operating officer to make recommendations relative to the financial practices of local school systems failing to comply with the MFP's minimum instructional expenditure requirement.
SB 494: Restructures Louisiana Economic Development.
SB 60 and HB 716: Creates universal recognition of occupational licenses. 
HB 5: Accepts cash at public events at public postsecondary education institutions.
HB 588: Provides relative to the membership of the Workforce Investment Council
SCR 11: Urges the Congress of the United States to amend federal law to allow states to provide for the consolidation of federally funded workforce development services with federally funded social safety net services.
SB 332: Repeals the Occupational Licensing Review Commission.
HB 972: Allows the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to grant certain temporary permits and licenses.
HB 488: Provides relative to block chain and digital asset regulation.
SB 165: Puts restrictions on physician’s non-compete agreements.
SB 148: Addresses maternal wellness and postpartum depression.
SB 133: Rejects the World Health Organization’s authority over healthcare and protects state sovereignty. 
SB 276: Creates the crime of coerced criminal abortion, and adds Mifepristone and Misoprostol to the Controlled Substances Act.
HB 961: Creates the inmate mental health pilot program.
HB 853: Creates the office of surgeon general within the Louisiana Department of Health.
HB 558: Provides relative to the Local Healthcare Provider Participation Program. 
HB 972: Requires the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners to grant licenses to qualified international doctors.
Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
HB 965HB 525HB 593, and SB 305: Improves deficiencies in the billing, operations, and drainage process of the SWBNO.
Government Reform
SB 498: Provides for special charitable trusts.
HB 799: Creates the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion Advisory Commission.
HB 810: Streamlines the Department of Energy and Natural Resources.
SB 357: Authorizes the legislature to terminate emergency declarations.
HB 768: Limits custodian personal liability for failure to comply with public records requests.
HB 806: Provides for the enactment of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board.
SB 462: Provides for gubernatorial appointments.
HB 906: Makes revisions to the Campaign Finance Disclosure Act.
SB 497: Amends provisions concerning the selection of members of the Board of Ethics.
HB 114: Provides for an expanded annual canvass of registered voters.
HB 738: Streamlines the Department of Transportation and Development.
HB 767: Requires certain public record requestors be Louisiana citizens.