Bryan Adams
Louisiana Fire Marshal
Austin Badon
Assistant to the Commissioner - Office of Motor Vehicles
Lt. Colonel Frank Besson
LSP Assistant Superintendent/Chief of Staff
Dan Casey
Commissioner - Office of Motor Vehicles
Stephen Clark
Deputy Secretary - LDWF
Jarrod Coniglio
Deputy Secretary - Louisiana Department of Revenue
Dr. Peter Croughan
Deputy Secretary - LDH
Thomas Friloux
Adjutant General
Nick Gachassin
Executive Counsel - LDH
Patrick Goldsmith
Deputy Commissioner - Division of Administration
Lt. Colonel Greg Graphia
LSP - Deputy Superintendent and Chief Administrative Officer
Michael Harrington
Under-Secretary - LDH
Lt. Colonel Jody Hasselbeck
LSP - Deputy Superintendent of LSP Patrol
Robert Hodges
Louisiana State Police Superintendent
Drew Maranto
Chief of Staff - LDH
Ryan Montegut
Assistant Secretary - LDWF
Lt. Colonel Treone Larvadain
LSP - Deputy Superintendent of the LSP Bureau of Investigation
James Lee
Legislative Liaison - Louisiana Department of Revenue
Ernest Legier
Commissioner - Louisiana Department of Alcohol and Tobacco Control
Major Cordell Williams
LSP - Deputy Superintendent of LSP Support