The Children’s Cabinet serves as the governing body for the State of Louisiana responsible for coordinating funding and programmatic services at the state and local level, related to children and their families. It consists of the cabinet secretary of each state department and is chaired by the executive director of the Children’s Cabinet, who is appointed by the governor.


To achieve the most effective and efficient use of monetary, human and organizational resources to lift children and their families out of poverty. 


Cabinet Members

  • David Matlock

        Secretary of DCFS

  • Ralph Abraham

        Secretary of Department of Health and Hospitals

  • Kenneth 'Kenny' Loftin

        Deputy Secretary for Youth Services of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections

  • Susana Schowen

        Executive Director of Louisiana Workforce Commissions

  • Susan Bonnett Bourgeois

        Secretary of the Department of Economic Development

  • Dr. Cade Brumley

        State Superintendent of Education

  • Taylor Barras

        Commissioner of Administration

  • ReShonn Saul

        Representative of the CCAB


Children's Cabinet Advisory Board

The Children's Cabinet Advisory Board provides information and recommendations from the perspective of advocacy groups, service providers and parents on policies and programs relating to Louisiana children.

Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board Strategic Goals:

  • Advise and assist the Children’s Cabinet
  • Coordinate agency resources and provide linkages among agencies that serve children and families
  • Develop policy, program and budget recommendations to address child and family issues

Click here to read about the members of the Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board.




Jolie Williamson
Executive Director

Michele Rabalais
Executive Secretary


(225) 219-4999

Or Call the Governor's Toll-Free Constituent Help Line:

(844) 860-1413