Stakeholder Engagement and Public Comment on Executive Order JML-13

Welcome to the Public Comment Portal

Governor Landry invites interested parties and stakeholders to provide comments and insights into JML-13, an initiative to review and consider optimizing various offices, agencies, and authorities within the department. Your input is valuable as we strive to enhance coordination, reduce overlap, consolidate functions, and streamline processes related to Louisiana.

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Your Feedback Matters

We invite Louisiana residents, former, current, and future, to share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions regarding the proposed optimization. Your insights will be crucial in shaping the recommendations that will be included.



  • Submit your comments for consideration under Executive Order JML-13 at or by e-mail to
  • Provide specific details, suggestions, citations (if possible), context, history, and rationale for a change of or concerns to assist in the review process.
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Public Record Notice: All comments and feedback will become part of the public record. Please refrain from submitting any information that you do not want to be publicly accessible. By submitting any information, you acknowledge that it becomes part of the public domain.

Submission: Please review your information and comments before submitting.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable input. Comments will be processed on a rolling basis. Your participation is crucial to the transparency and success of the reorganization process.

Submissions received after March 29, 2024 will not be considered prior for the Natural Resources Steering Commission.