Executive Order Overview

Section 1: The Secretary of Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources is tasked with reviewing and considering functional reorganization within the department.

Section 2: Focuses on the consolidation and reorganization of specific offices and agencies, including the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, the Louisiana Oil-Spill Coordinator’s Office, and the Office of State Lands.

Section 3: Expands the review to include state boards and commissions related to natural resources and energy matters.

Section 4: Mandates the Secretary to submit the first report of recommendations and reorganization, with the first report due no later than Friday, February 23, 2024.

Section 5: Highlights the need for addressing the goals outlined in the order and improving coordination within the department and across agencies during the consolidation and reorganization process.

Section 6: Directs all relevant state departments, commissions, boards, agencies, and officers to cooperate fully with the Secretary and designated staff in the implementation of the order.



The Natural Resources Steering Commision recently presented on these topics:


Overview and Background                      

Natural Resources Trust Authority           

Office of Secretary


Office of Energy

Office of Enforcement

Office of Conservation

Office of Management and Finance

Boards and Commissions

Office of Land and Water