"Our journey for positive youth development has not stopped during COVID. It has propelled our youth forward, towards a journey that shows patience, creativity and a greater understanding of engagement during unexpected change."

– Sashika Baunchand, OMG Founder and President, Louisiana

Louisiana Youth For Excellence (LYFE) was created to promote positive youth development and to build awareness of consequences for at-risk behaviors for today’s vulnerable youth such as children in foster care, children in poverty, and children in juvenile detention centers. Prioritizing our most at-risk youth first, our goal is to expand statewide and provide our positive message to all students throughout Louisiana.  

LYFE works with schools, non-profit and faith-based organizations, parents, and the community to teach goals setting, leadership development, character building, and integrity.



  • Amanda M. Shackelford, Executive Director
  • Tressa J. Dunbar, Program Manager 



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