The Governor’s Office of Disability Affairs (GODA) strives to serve as an informational resource for people with disabilities, their families and the agencies that serve them. 

GODA was established and designed by the Governor’s Office to adequately educate, address and resolve issues relative to the disability community. It is our goal to promote, encourage and support citizens with disabilities so they may have an equal opportunity to actively participate in all aspects of life.

There are numerous state and community organizations across Louisiana that work in partnership with GODA. It is their collaboration and partnership that enable us to facilitate positive progress for Louisiana citizens with disabilities.

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GOLD Awards Nomination & Inclusive Arts Contest

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GODA Annual Conference 

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For questions, concerns, or requests for accommodations, please email or call (225) 219-7553.


News from the Office of Disability Affairs

Each month the Office of Disability Affairs puts together a newsletter with details about past and upcoming events, as well as other important information for people with disabilities and their loved ones. Get all the latest from our most recent issue.

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Governor's Advisory Council on Disability Affairs

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs (GACDA) was established to monitor state compliance with the Americans with Disability Act and to advise the governor on the needs of individuals with disabilities in Louisiana. GACDA is also charged with assisting the Governor’s Office of Disability Affairs with the resolution of state disabilities issues and provide education, communication, and networking services concerning disability issues and needs for all Louisiana citizens. GACDA is composed of 31 members appointed by Governor Edwards.

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Statewide Independent Living Council

The Louisiana Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) was established by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to support the efforts of our citizens with disabilities to live independently in the community of their choice. SILC works to maximize the leadership, empowerment, independence and productivity of individuals with disabilities, facilitating integration and full inclusion into the mainstream of American society.

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State Interagency Coordinating Council

The Louisiana State Interagency Coordinating Council (LA-SICC) works in collaboration with the Louisiana Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, in an advisory capacity, to design and oversee the implementation of a family-centered, community-based, comprehensive, interagency system for infants and toddlers (birth through two years of age) who are eligible for Early Steps and their families. Our goal is to advise and assist the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), as the Lead Agency, in the monitoring and evaluation of this system to ensure that families are supported and the potential of each child is maximized.

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Jamar Ennis, Executive Director
Liam Doyle, Assistant Director

In Memory of April Dunn.

The office is eager to address any issues or concerns that you may have. We welcome your comments and ideas for making positive changes. We are strongly committed to assisting Louisiana citizens with disabilities and are truly honored to focus on the abilities of those we serve.


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