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Disability Employment Awareness Month 2021
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Employment First 

The Employment First Report is an important step in moving this policy forward and expanding the scope of Louisiana’s employment first policy beyond individuals with developmental disabilities. With the urging of advocacy groups, and under the leadership of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs, an Employment First Workgroup was formed in January 2017, with the responsibility of developing a report to the Governor with recommendations for moving forward on a cross-disability Employment First effort. The workgroup held monthly meetings from February to June 2017 to get input across various constituencies which has been incorporated into this report. This report summarizes a set of comprehensive recommendations that will advance Louisiana’s Employment First goals.

Louisiana’s state government has adopted an Employment First (EF) goal and embraced this goal for all people with disabilities in the State. That employment is the primary outcome for all people of working age in the State. These efforts in Louisiana are part of a larger national effort to advance employment of individuals with disabilities through policy, legislation, advocacy, and systems change. Louisiana’s EF goal is to help and encourage all adults of working age to find and sustain employment in typical jobs with competitive compensation that are fully integrated into the workplace. We know that people with disabilities make valuable contributions to business throughout the State and thrive and increase their income and independence once they enter the workforce. The purpose of Louisiana Employment Resource Guide is to provide knowledge, information and awareness of programs, supports and services that can help you, or someone you support, enter and succeed in the work world. This guide will also guide you to resources that can help you learn more about work as an option, your rights in the workplace, and the incentives that enable you to work and maintain important benefits.

State As a Model Employer

In March 2018, Louisiana set a goal to serve as a “model employer for business by a commitment to improved hiring, recruitment, and retention of people with disabilities” through an Executive Order signed by Gov. Edwards. The convening of a State As a Model Employer Task Force aims to enhance the diversity of the public workforce, lead the business community, and highlight the State’s position as a leader in the protection of civil rights for individuals living with disabilities.

Click here for the Louisiana State As a Model Employer Report dated August 1, 2018. 

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Below are the State As a Model Employer State Agency Plans and annual survey data reports: 

Division of Administration

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Louisiana Board of Regents 

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Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

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Click here for CPRA's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Click here for the Lieutenant Governor's SAME plan. 
Click here for the Lieutenant Governor's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Children and Family Services 

Click here for the DCFS SAME Plan. 
Click here for the DCFS 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Environmental Quality 

Click here for DEQ's SAME Plan.
Click here for DEQ's 2021 SAME Plan.

Department of Natural Resources 

Click here for DNR's SAME Plan. 
Click here for DNR's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Corrections 

Click here for DOC's SAME Plan.
Click here for DOC's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Transportation and Development 

Click here for DOTD's SAME Plan. 
Click here for DOTD's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Public Safety 

Click here for the DPS's SAME Plan. 
Click here for the DPS's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 

Click here for GOHSEP's SAME Plan. 
Click here for GOHSEP's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Insurance

Click here for the Commissioner of Insurance's SAME Plan. 
Click here for the Commissioner of Insurance's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Louisiana Department of Health 

Click here for LDH's SAME Plan. 

Louisiana Department of Education 

Click here for the Department of Education's SAME Plan.
Click here for the Department of Education's 2021 SAME Plan.

Department of Revenue 

Click here for LDR's SAME Plan.
Click here for LDR's 2021 SAME Plan.  

Department of Veterans Affairs

Click here for the LDVA's SAME Plan. 
Click here for the LDVA's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Click here for the LDWF's SAME Plan. 

Louisiana Economic Development 

Click here for LED's SAME Plan. 
Click here for LED's 2021 SAME Plan. 

Louisiana Workforce Commission

Click here for LWC's SAME Plan. 

Office of Financial Institutions

Click here for the Office of Financial Institutions' SAME Plan. 

Office of Juvenile Justice 

Click here for the Office of Juvenile Justice's SAME Plan.

Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Click here for Pennington Biomedical's SAME Plan. 

Louisiana State Civil Service 

Click here for Civil Service's SAME Plan. 

Secretary of State's Office 

Click here for the Secretary of State's SAME Plan. 
Click here for the Secretary of State's 2021 SAME Plan. 


Click here for a Resource Guide on Economic Indepence and Inclusion through Employment and Entrepreneurship.



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Governor’s Office of Disability Affairs
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